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How large is the current US Algae Oil Market? 1

How large is the current US Algae Oil Market?

Estimated cost per gallon for operating costs? (Cost to produce a gallon of algae oil)
-Technology (pond or photobioreactor)

Estimated cost of algae growth facility per gallon?

Mon January 31 2011 04:39:24 PM by DePauwGreenDiesel 1567 views

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  • Dewatmoko wrote:
    Wed February 02 2011 09:13:54 AM

    When fossil fuel was begin to be extracted to fuel the industrial revolution no one really know how big the market was until the first world war broke and everyone notices its rising world price. So for algae based oil market  why don't we start with the current total imported number of fossil fuel into the US and keep-on reducing its production cost to dominate the world algae fuel supply market (as exporter), preventing another world war and rapid global temperature rising. :)
    its just my suggestion to look at the economy from an algae grower stand point.... cheers

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