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Arden's Notes

It looks like that Aurora has unique ways of developing "open pond" algae systems that would result in low-cost biofuels. Although they are currently busy with other products and will return to fuel after 20 months. - 10 years ago

Excess capacity for oil production is dropping dramatically from 10 percent a few years ago, to 6 percent today, to 3 percent in a couple of years - 10 years ago

More than perhaps any other biofuel feedstock, the commercialization of algae seems perpetually just over the horizon. Tree hugger - 10 years ago

Morgenthaler-Jones, CEO Livefuels was referring to the requirement in algae production of huge volumes of phosphate, which is becoming scarce. - 10 years ago

Sapphire energy is supposed to start a commercial 300 acre algae cultivation facility in Sept ! Watch out for news soon ! - 10 years ago