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Book Review: Power Hungry By Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier has been in our news in the recent past. Here is his book review although there is nothing directly about algae in it. I guess the book may have something about algae as something that can replace fossil fuels.
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The book is divided into four parts. In Part I, "Our Quest for Power", Bryce puts our energy usage into context. He spends some time explaining different units of energy ? what they are, what they mean, where they came from, and how to convert them ? and then attempts to convey the scale of our energy usage to readers. Bryce demonstrates a very good comprehension of the issues of scale and energy density. Part I is not controversial and will be very educational for many people.

In Part II, Bryce starts getting into ?The Myths of 'Green' Energy." The discussions in Part II focus on wind and solar power, T. Boone Pickens, Denmark, energy efficiency, electric cars, cellulosic ethanol, carbon taxes, and carbon dioxide sequestration. (For balance, I would like to see "Myths of Fossil Energy.") He touches upon practically every renewable energy media darling, but his wind power critique was especially pointed (more below).

Part III, "The Power of N2N", discusses the the future, which Bryce believes will be dominated by a continuing movement toward natural gas and nuclear power. Finally in Part IV, "Moving Forward", Bryce puts forth some ideas on policies that would result in a more ?forward-looking? energy policy.
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