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Algae food coming to your dinner table 5

Solazyme has its sights set on creating transportation fuels from microalgae, it will first sell it?s algae byproducts to make milk, cookies, honey mustard and other stuff.

While algae food products might sound gross to some, I?ve tried cookies made from Solazyme?s algae oil and tasted an orange algae milk that was actually delicious

Solazyme's also smart to target the food and cosmetics industries with high-margin products that can get to market quickly. This way the company can produce revenue before it can get fuels to market to help them attract more investors and scale up their fuels operation ? no easy (or cheap) task.


Sat August 28 2010 12:59:52 AM by Arden solazyme  |  food products  |  Algae oil 1871 views

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  • Richard wrote:
    Sat August 28 2010 06:51:33 AM

    That is it. Thats what Solazyme is into. Makes sense.

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