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Algae: A Solution

National Algae Association is pleased to announce the following committed speakers for its September 23-24, 2010 conference: Fluid Imaging Technologies, CalPoly, Stoel Rives, LakeMaster Corp., Water Management Solutions, BARD Holding, DRS Technologies, Novak Druce, Parry Nutraceuticals and United Technologies. In addition, Evodos will share its successes as a result of its presentation at NAA?s April Conference and will introduce two new technologies, and OriginOil will be making an announcement.

In other news, NAA is pleased to announce that production has begun at the commercial-scale demo photobioreactor at the Biotech Institute, the tubes are green and strains are happily growing in the newly-constructed lab facilities. Among the accomplishments, the project took 4 months to construct and put into production, which reinforces NAA?s belief that fast-tracking commercialization of algae can be a reality.

Also on the calendar is The A-Games, co-sponsored by National Algae Association and Algae Industry Magazine. With an eye toward young talent leading the future of algaebioenergy development, the National Algae Association, in cooperation with Algae Industry Magazine, announces the launch of the Algae Innovation Awards, a scholarship competition for innovative university and college microbiology and engineering students as well as for high school science students. More information is available on our website or at www.algaeindustrymagazine.com.

You do not need to be a member of the NAA to attend any of our events. All you need is an interest in collaborative sharing of information to help develop turn-key algae production in the US as one solution to get the US off of foreign oil.
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