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National Algae Association Executive Director Named to Top 100 People in Bioenergy

The poll, conducted by Biofuels Digest, attracted more than 15,000 votes from Digest readers, and more than 400 individuals received votes, including more than 150 write in candidates.  The Top 100 people include representatives from the Department of Energy, the USDA, and universities and companies from around the world.
While flattered to be included in such an influential group, Cohen said "It's not about me - it's about the $700 billion a year leaving the US for foreign oil! This accolade really belongs to the group of algaepreneurs who share my vision of energy independence, and are willing to work tirelessly to help make it happen!" Cohen continued, "This country has already spent billions of dollars on R&D over the last 50 years? and it will continue to fund research and development. But the time has come to move algae technologies out of laboratory settings and into commercial scale production, and to build-out the algae production supply channel.
As an association, we agree that algae will deliver soon because most of the hard science problems regarding algae have been solved, and the NAA Engineering Consortium has developed preliminary design specs for a 100-acre commercial scale algae production facility build-out, identifying and resolving many of the scale-up issues that will be encountered as we move the industry out of the lab and into commercialization.
The proof that it is a possibility is that commercial-scale algae growing, harvesting and extraction equipment have already been built using off-the-shelf, proven technologies. The proof of the heightened level of interest in taking the next step towards building this emerging industry is that close to 3,000 acres of land have been spoken for in the first two weeks of the Algae Production Incubator program we recently launched,? said Cohen, ?and we continue to work towards lowering costs and risks inherent in new industries. It?s estimated to be a $1.4 trillion dollar industry, so there?s plenty of room for everyone. We just need to get it done!?
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Major US University Admits Hard Science Problems Relating To Algae Have Been Solved!

Arizona State University Senior Vice President Rick Shangraw was recently quoted as saying that "...although solar energy and hydrogen power hold great promise, algae will ?deliver soon? because, in the past few years, ?most of the hard science problems regarding algae have been solved." 


"Now," he said, "it's largely an engineering problem."


The National Algae Association's Engineering Consortium has resolved the engineering problems in its development of plans and specifications for a 100-acre build-out turnkey algae production system (on paper, not just in theory), and its financial team has developed CAPEX and OPEX financial models showing positive cash flow. 


NAA?s next event is a two-day conference in Houston, September 23-24, 2010.  Collaborate with Dr. Brian Hampson of CalPoly, Marco Brocken of Evodos, Joseph A. Holroyd of LakeMaster Corp, Victoria Kurtz of Fluid Imaging Technologies, Surijit  Khanna of BARD Holding, OriginOil, Dave Fallbrook of Water Management Solutions, LLC, Dr. Matt Prufert of DRS Technologies, Stoel Rives, Serge Randhava of United Technologies, Inc., Will Thurmond of Emerging Markets Online, Bill Ramey of Novak Druce Quigg, Phycos, Sebastian Thomas of Parry Nutraceuticals, Bob Vitale of Waterwheel Factory, Bob Weber of Sunrise Ridge Algae, and Hank Gilbert, who will discuss his Fields to Pumps Biofuel initiative, as we all join forces to keep up the momentum.


Algae oil is renewable, does not affect the food channel and consumes CO2.  It's one solution to help the US reduce its dependence on foreign oil and create new green jobs.  Algae oil can be made into jet fuel, biodiesel, biogasoline and bioplastics.  Algae biomass can be made into many different co-products such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and organic fertilizer. 


Algae production start-ups are quickly gaining momentum as they are quickly moving technologies out of the lab and into commercial-scale algae production.  Many new algae production plants are scaling-up to produce algae oil and biomass for co-products.  Proven technologies are being benchmarked for commercial use and implemented today in the scale-up of the new algae industry. Enhanced research will surely continue as algaepreneurs move into commercial-scale algae production.


For more information, go to our website, www.nationalalgaeassociation.com, or contact us at info@nationalalgaeassociation.

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Algae: A Solution

National Algae Association is pleased to announce the following committed speakers for its September 23-24, 2010 conference: Fluid Imaging Technologies, CalPoly, Stoel Rives, LakeMaster Corp., Water Management Solutions, BARD Holding, DRS Technologies, Novak Druce, Parry Nutraceuticals and United Technologies. In addition, Evodos will share its successes as a result of its presentation at NAA?s April Conference and will introduce two new technologies, and OriginOil will be making an announcement.

In other news, NAA is pleased to announce that production has begun at the commercial-scale demo photobioreactor at the Biotech Institute, the tubes are green and strains are happily growing in the newly-constructed lab facilities. Among the accomplishments, the project took 4 months to construct and put into production, which reinforces NAA?s belief that fast-tracking commercialization of algae can be a reality.

Also on the calendar is The A-Games, co-sponsored by National Algae Association and Algae Industry Magazine. With an eye toward young talent leading the future of algaebioenergy development, the National Algae Association, in cooperation with Algae Industry Magazine, announces the launch of the Algae Innovation Awards, a scholarship competition for innovative university and college microbiology and engineering students as well as for high school science students. More information is available on our website or at www.algaeindustrymagazine.com.

You do not need to be a member of the NAA to attend any of our events. All you need is an interest in collaborative sharing of information to help develop turn-key algae production in the US as one solution to get the US off of foreign oil.
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