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New developments in Arizona, USA.  Algae Bioscience went public last month on the Toronto Stock exchange.

See ABV, Algae Biosciences.  Also www.algaebio.com. This to me as a layman is a very unique application with great potential.  Pure salt water thousands of feet under Arison extracted for Algae growth. When you look at geological profile of the aquifer it covers a good part of 3 states. The first products are Omega 3's and an aguricultural product to increase production. My understanding is that they have contracts in place for all they can produce for 10 years.  In addition more algae products seem to be developing. Can Algae biofuel be one of those?

Watch this one.


Fri June 10 2011 04:04:20 PM by Algaebiogjb 1539 views
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