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New Research Posted by AlgaeNova on Fri May 21 2010 02:01:00 PM 1

Analytical chemists from the University in Konstanz, Germany found a method to produce synthetics from plant oil loss free

So far the methods of producing synthetics from renewable feedstock used fatty acids incomplete, thus squandering crucial parts of basic material, - or became as a result soft polymer with arborescent, treelike molecular structures.
A new method, found by Dorothee Quinzler, makes it possible to gain a lossless usage of the basic herbal or algal material in its specific molecular structure which now can be transferred into the synthetic to be produced. Long molecule, regular structures that are not ramified anymore and have the same quality characteristics comparable to Polyethylene can now be produced from plant, or algal oils.

(in German!)


VIP: Linear Semicrystalline Polyesters from Fatty Acids by Complete Feedstock Molecule Utilization

Dorothee Quinzler and Stefan Mecking*

In view of the limited range of fossil feedstocks, alternative renewable resources are desirable in the long term. Polymer production from a renewable resource ideally allows for complete molecular utilization of the feedstock. Complete and linear molecular incorporation of fatty acid esters, namely erucic? and oleic acid ester from plant oils, into polyesters is achieved by isomerizing carbonylation to polymerization?quality diesters and their polycondensation with the corresponding diols obtained by reduction. The strictly linear and long?chain?hydrocarbon nature of the novel polyesters affords a high degree of crystallinity and melting behaviour akin to common thermoplastics like polyethylene.