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Algae - Grow baby grow !!!

Seems to me this so called industry lacks leadership all the innovations are all in control of "companies" that are working only under the model of how to make money.
Which given makes sense since this is economy based and will shift the paradigm away from drill baby drill economy. Seems to me that the family ran independent farms are a much better model to follow than one HUGE facility that is on acres upon acres algae growing system.
How about we start a grass roots effort (algae roots) to come up with the materials, methods, algae strain, and everything that lets say a "farmer" would need to make enough algae oil that would be cheaper than the farmer buying his/hers from the petroleum industry ?
Look I seen all the "big" systems plans for 5 10 acres of growing surface area. All come at a price of 1 Million or more per acre surface growing area.
From bags from hanging, to CO2 pools at power plants or
pond systems. Look it is just growing algae why are the costs so high ? I challenge all of us to show that this can be done on a "small" scale and that it can make money/save money for the investment for a self sufficient farm. Look at it like this a farm or business that is is off the grid the petroleum grid.
I see this more of a social responsibility than profit taking. We need to do this for the planet, all the next generations. If we can have a system that has all the components, plans and how to do it yourself. We can then get out there to the public Domain.

Let me know what you all have to say on this.
Mon August 02 2010 06:07:41 PM by 4oilgae 10 algae scalablity family farms grow sufficient

Gasifiers - Solution to excess biomass ?

Just for discussion ...
What is everyone's thoughts on using a gasifier to burn the left over biomass from oh let's say a system that is growing year round indoors ?

You would then have heat in the winter (if in a winter zone) that would be sustainable with the excess biomass of the summer months.

Anyone doing this ? Want to do this ?
Tue June 22 2010 04:06:34 PM by 4oilgae 3 gasifier  |  sustainable energy  |  biomass

Live Extraction of Lipids

Are you aware of the live extraction of lipids from OriginOil ? They are getting the oil without killing the algae.
See this link:


Does anyone know of any other company that has this available to the market place ?
Thu June 03 2010 09:12:54 PM by 4oilgae 2

Turn Key Algae Growing systems

Does anyone have a list of turn key algae photo reactor growing systems ?

Seeking a scalable system for immediate implementation.
Thu June 03 2010 09:03:02 PM by 4oilgae 9