City - Louisiana, Missouri

Country - United States

About - Project Manager, Automedia, Inc. Start up company with focus on four major areas: advanced continuous fermentation, continuous methane digestion, butanol bio-reactor design, and tracking, parabolic solar furnaces for steam and process heating. The Automedia designed MFIBR (Multi-Feedstock Integrated Bio-Refinery) concept is to produce ethanol from cellulose (waste paper), methane from sewage, algae from effluent, utilizing hydrogen and methane gas for process heat and electricity; using sludge, glycerin, and algal biomass to produce butanol, hydrogen, and acetone from organic slurries. The FABR (Fast Algae Bio-Reactor) design keeps the algae in a perpetual state of "super bloom" by use of a computer controlled, stainless steel, fully insulated modular design that uses LED lights and certain biological "tricks" to create a multistage cascade eventually "shocking" the algae into increased lipid production.

Role - Industry professional