City - Laramie

Country - United States

About - University of Wyoming graduate student: Algal biotechnology and molecular biology Working on three projects right now: - Genetic engineering of Chlamydomonas r. to test some molecular mechanisms that may prove useful for eukaryotic algal biomass production (hoping to produce a paper on the subject in about a year). - Genetic modifications of cyanobacteria to increase photosynthetic efficiency/reactive oxygen stress resistance. - Helping a local cement plant sequester CO2 and NOx emmissions using various algal and cyannobacterial strains. My profile pic is a small test reactor for analyzing reactive oxygen stress resistance in cyanobacteria. The photo shows the reactor fully eutrophic with a strain of Synechococcus. The white strip on the top of the tube is not just light reflectance; its mostly bubbles of waste oxygen gas resulting from oxygenic photosynthesis.

Role - Research & Academia