City - Bangkok

Country - Thailand

About - Professor of Biochemistry at the Mahidol University, with a B.A from University of Wisconsin(UW-Madison) and Ph.D at Purdue University, USA. Research on Terprenoids & Isoprenes as a specialist on Natural Rubber Latex Oligo- and Poly-Isoprenes. Authored the comprehensive reviews and treatise on "Biochemistry of Natural Rubber and Structure of Latex" in *Bioplymers*, Steinbuchel A. Editor. published by Wiley-VCH. More than 20 comprehensive original publications on the Natural Rubber Latex Enzymes for Oligo- and Poly-Isoprenes Synthesis (International Journals; Phytochemistry, FEBS, Plant Science, Macromolecular Biosciences, etc.) with patents.

Role - Research & Academia