City - Norwich

Country - United Kingdom

About - I am an undergraduate studying Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia. My interest in algae as a biofuel was born from a combination of the two main academic study areas I have chosen to focus on: low carbon energy an ecology. My university is considered by many the best for Environmental Sciences and is often at the forefront of well-respected climate change research. By extension my higher education is high quality and proven successful and astute. For my YEAR IN INDUSTRY placement of around 9-12 months I am very interested to spend the time with a research and delevepment company, bringing my scientifically educated background to a mor focuessed use within an atmosphere I will be able to adapt to quite readily. I kindly request any applicable companies in the algal biofuel community to contact regarding potential openings, ongoing or future research projects, or general advice. Many thanks.

Role - Student