City - Peoria

Country - United States

About - My "real" name is Stafford "Doc" Williamson but the *&^%$##Xf*(% software won't let me use my whole name so I settled for this nonsense for the moment. (Okay, ego rant over for now.) My company is DaoChi Energy of Arizona, which is, strictly speaking, just a division of Williamson Infomation Technologies Corp. (see, I warned you about the ego). :o) I joined the Oilgae Club (I hate "joining", especially "clubs") to introduce "Green Fuels for Africa" which is a campaign to raise funds to enable the implementation of my company's strategy named "Re-Upholster AFRICA" (to create "islands of independent green energy" all across the continent of Africa and any other underdeveloped region of the globe). The project (and I) are strong advocates that economic development should be a "for-profit" effort in which the local community/population has a large stake, and therefore the incentive to carry on, regardless of "outside" participation (essentially the opposite of "charity" work that depends entirely on the outsiders contributions). Why then are we "raising funds" to start this program? We need to persuade law and policy makers in Washington and throughout the world that we have a viable means of jumpstarting economic development, meeting Millennium Development Goals of povery reduction, clean water and sanitation improvement, and addressing the challenges of national energy security (for every nation) and global climate change, all in one single industrial/economic policy of exporting green technologies. It should help, too, that the domestic aspect of this supports domestic economic recovery and stimulates manufacturing and job growth. Please help us "get there" by your personal support, whether that is financially or just talking about this and introducing others to our efforts, your help can be the push we need to take this into a truly world changing technology. Thanks Stafford "Doc" Williamson Dec. 19, 2010

Role - Industry professional