City - Pacific coastal states, esp. AK & CA

Country - United States

About - Entrepreneur. I'd like to learn and discuss all I can about oil extraction from macroalgae. The harvesting of seaweed for cosmetic and health care applications is a multi (b)million dollar industry that is now geographically lopsided, and in the hands of a few distributors (one in the West) who process - needlessly I believe - with cancer causing, costly and combustible hazardous materials. I know that to change that, you don't boycott or make more laws and rules, you simply make a better product. I have a skin care company and I love seaweed / algae extract. The higher the concentration of algae extract, the quicker it, with skin, co-mends acne, discoloration, BURNS and more. I've worked with top shelf products and nothing patented in a lab comes close to simple algae oil. It amazed me so much, it's the reason I began a skin care company. Plus, a seaweed industry would really boost my little fishing town. I'm excited for the possibilities. I'm currently using chlorophyl-rich tamanu oil as a place holder until I can successfully produce algae extract in good amounts. Problem is, I only use steam or cold press extracted organic or wildcrafted oils. So I'm doing what I'm told is a fool's errand - extracting algae oil from seaweed without solvents or otherwise hazardous byproduct. This task has troubled greater minds than mine, but I "press" on. Current ideal setup: [details redacted] ... the main challenge is bursting the cell walls without damaging the plasma or aging it pre stilling. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

Role - Just interested