City - Denver

Country - United States

About - I have a B.S. in Biology from the University of Colorado at Denver. I have been working field Biology jobs and restaurant jobs since graduating and none of them seem to keep my interest. I am an avid saltwater aquarist and got interested in Algal culture in order to feed my more finicky species of coral. I believe that Algal cultivation will be an integral part of a comprehensive renewable energy program once advocacy for such a program is influential enough. I am currently considering returning to my Alma Mater in order to earn a Masters/Ph. D. in Microbiology. I would like to assist in creating a U.C.D. Biofuel Startup that will be both scientifically sound as well as financially viable. I firmly believe that if we can the from the mistakes and successes of other Biofuel startups that this could be an extremely positive venture.

Role - Just interested