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Comprehensive Algae Fuels Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More »

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More »

Comprehensive Guide for Algae-based Carbon Capture

A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Who Wish to get a Basic Understanding of the Business Opportunities and Industry Dynamics of the Algae-based CO2. More ››

Comprehensive Report on Attractive Algae Product Opportunities

The report provides an overview of the wide range of non-fuel applications of algae – both current and future prospects. It will provide entrepreneurs with an idea of how to derive more benefits from their algal energy ventures. The report provides detailed case studies, success stories and factoids of companies that have been involved in the algae products venture More »

Comprehensive Castor Oil Report

There is no other comprehensive report available for castor oil anywhere in the world. This is the first of its kind, and currently, the only one. More ››

Bioplastics Market & Strategy Advisor

Bioplastics Market & Strategy Advisor, published by the Bioplastics Guide, is a unique guiding framework for businesses and entrepreneurs to chart a way forward provides a critical analysis of the status, opportunities & trends of the global bioplastics sector. More ››

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Oilgae Blog - The Latest from the World of Algae Fuels

OriginOil’s Clean Frac System

OriginOil is moving from a proof of concept to a full scale plant for production of oil from algae and the separation of oil and water in oil fields using the company’s unique separation processes – Clean Frac System. The company’s goals for the next three years are the commercial introduction of the Clean-Frac system […]

Special Algae Chamber for Algae Biofuel Production

Caron Products, a company that promotes earth-friendly products has released an Algae Chamber as that provides precise lighting and temperature-controlled conditions suited for algae growth applications. The chamber is designed to use high efficiency fluorescent lamps to mimic day/night conditions. Available in 25 and 33 ft3, the chamber produces 300 µmoles/m2/sec of light standard and […]

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Surprising Finding on Hydrogen Production in Green Algae

Research from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have found out how the cells notice the absence of oxygen and  have stated that when green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii  “can’t breathe”, they get rid of excess energy through the production of hydrogen. For this, green algae need the messenger molecule nitric oxide and the protein haemoglobin, which is commonly known […]

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Discovery: Flue Gas Tolerant Biofuel Algae

Based on a new research from the University of Delware, an algae species – The microscopic algae Heterosigma akashiwo has been identified that grows rapidly on a gas mixture that has the same carbon dioxide and nitric oxide content as emissions released from a power plant. This algae can tolerate flue gas , also do […]

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Aurora Algae Expands Patent Portfolio, Accelerates Biotech Innovation

The Aurora Algae patent portfolio covers inventions and improved processes spanning the end-to-end production of algae-based products, from strain development through cultivation, harvesting, extraction, processing, and product development. The company has developed the industry’s first commercial-scale photosynthetic platform for sustainable, algae-based product development. The company’s proprietary algae strains and production process uses arid land, seawater […]

Patent for Algae to Omega-3 Products

Solarvest Bioenergy an algae technology company has developed an extremely flexible system capable of being adapted to produce clean energy in the form of hydrogen and health products such as Omega oils in an economic and environmentally sensitive manner. The company has filed a patent to protect its unique process for the algae-based production for […]

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16-year Old Develops a Chemical Free Algae to Fuel Process

Alan sez, “Evie Sobczak, who is presently 16, appears to have invented a completely chemical-free process for turning algae into a biofuel. Along the way her process appears to be about 20% more efficient than current chemical-heavy processes. Her project just took first place and best in category at the Intel International Science and Engineering […]

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Algae Industry in Australia – $50 billion and 50,000 jobs

According to the study Food and Fuel Forever, released in May 2013, by Perth-based thinktank Future Directions International (FDI) – the algae industry will employ atleast 50,000 Australians. Australia’s endowment of sunlight makes it one of the world’s richest oil  provinces.Potentially worth $50 billion a year, the industry would produce fuel, food, stock feed, plastics, […]

Cellena and Neste Oil Colloborate to Commercialise Algae Biofuels

Cellena, previously known as HR BioPetroleoum has announced that it has struck a deal with Neste Oil, Finaland in which Neste Oil has agreed to purchase large volumes of Cellana’s algae-based crude oil. Sources reveal that Cellena plans to sell $75-$100 million worth of crude oil to Neste Oil for refining. For Cellana, the deal […]

Algae Inspired Art from Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) student- Philip Carrier, uses algae as an inspiration for an installation project . Carrier will blend art and science together throughout two summer semesters on the ASU Polytechnic campus as the inaugural artist in residence at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI). AzCATI, which is embedded within the College […]

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University of Alicante Develops a New Photobioreactor

Research Group in Polymer Processing and Pyrolysis at the University of Alicante have designed and developed a  photobioreactor which  has attracted the interest of both Spanish and foreign firms in the sector of biotechnology. The novelty of this photobioreactor compared to those existing is that it allows mass production, less cleaning and maintenance operations, better […]

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High School Student Honoured by Obama for her Algae Fuel Efforts

Sara Volz, a 17-year-old high school student from Colorado Springs, Colo., was the $100,000 winner of the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search for her work developing algae biofuels, and she was honored by President Obama in a ceremony at the White House. Volz has spent the last four years on making fuel from these organisms, […]

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