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NAA Workshop – Algae: The New Feedstock,Jun 17, PA, USA

June 11th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Algae-Energy-Events

Press release

Learn about growing, harvesting and extraction

Co-Sponsored by National Algae Association and BARD HOLDING
June 17, 2010
BARD Holding
1 Ben Fairless Drive, Fairless Hills, PA 19030

National Algae Association and BARD Holdings are pleased to announce that Bucks County Commissioner and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, Will Thurmond of Emerging Markets Online, Bob Vitale of Waterwheel Factory and Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority Director Vijay Rajput will all be on the agenda for the June 17, 2010 Workshop at BARD Holdings’ facility in Fairless Hills, PA.

Algae oil is renewable, does not affect the food channel and consumes CO2.  Come learn about algae as a potential feedstock.  It’s one solution to help the US reduce its dependence on foreign oil and create new green jobs.  Algae biocrude oil can be made into biodiesel, ethanol, biogasoline, jet fuel and bioplastics.  Algae biomass can be made into many different co-products such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and organic fertilizer.

The algae industry is quickly moving technologies out of the lab and into commercial-scale algae production.  Many new algae production plants are scaling-up to produce algae oil and biomass for co-products.  Algae research will continue but proven technologies are being implemented today in the scale-up of the new algae industry. Enhancements will surely continue as algaepreneurs move into commercial-scale algae production. We are united in wanting to help US to get off foreign oil, to create jobs right here in the US and to reduce emissions.  Since our government and corporate America are slow to move into commercial-scale algae production and continue spending their money on research, algaepreneurs are taking on the task of setting up new algae production facilities themselves.

The National Algae Association, a 501(c)6, is the first algae trade association in the US with chapters throughout the country to assist algaepreneurs create algae production plants to provide  biodiesel producers with a renewable feedstock.   If you share the National Algae Association’s mission to fast-track commercialization of algae production to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil while creating green jobs in the United States, or if you’re interested in learning more about algae’s potential co-products, join us and be a part of the contribution to the algae industry and becoming self-sustainable.

Algae producers and researchers, technology and equipment companies will all be on hand to share information and experiences with algaepreneurs, researchers and potential investment groups, all with the common belief that COLLABORATION + INNOVATION = COMMERCIALIZATION

You do not need to be a member of the NAA to attend any of our events.  All you need is an interest in collaborative sharing of information to help develop turn-key algae production in the US as one solution to get the US off of foreign oil.

Limited seating is available for this one-day seminar.  Biodiesel producers  and algaepreneurs from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Boston are invited to attend.

To register for Algae: The New Feedstock Workshop, go to:  www.nationalalgaeassociation.com

When: June 17, 2010

Cost: $75

*Limited Seating

National Algae Association
4747 Research Forest Drive, Suite 180
The Woodlands, TX 77381

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One Response to “NAA Workshop – Algae: The New Feedstock,Jun 17, PA, USA”

  1. Hiten Mehta Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good day to you From Astral Biochem – India.
    1. We are planning to put up a plant to make Ethanol through the conventional route of Molasses. But are skeptical about it since it is connected with human food chain.
    2. We have also tried to find avenues through the Algae route. Again it is in such a primary stage and the commercial quotes that we received for the PBR’s are astronomical and not proven.
    Can you help us in India.
    Hiten Mehta

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