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Wind Energy Equipment & Technology Manufacturers

October 19th, 2006 | No Comments | Posted in Energy- Renewable- Wind-Manufacturers

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Wind Energy Equipment & Technology Manufacturers

Was going through an article in Wikipedia on Wind Energy, and it was interesting to see the companies who were in the forefront of producing equipment and technology for this alternative energy segment.

Am providing the list, taken from Wikipedia:

Companies in wind turbine industry

World market for wind energy plants in 2003ABB Ltd. — Wind turbine generators[3]
Airtricity — only operates turbines

AWS Truewind, LLC — Wind Energy Consultants

Bergey Windpower

Det Norske Veritas — Certification of wind turbines and wind turbine projects


Ecotècnia sccl — Spanish manufacturer

Eclectic Energy Ltd — UK manufacturer of small wind turbines, including the grid-linked turbine StealthGen

Eirbyte — Supplier of small turbines in Ireland

EMD A/S — WindPRO software package for project design and planning of turbines

Emergya Wind Technologies

Enercon GmbH, Germany — wind turbines up to 6 MW

Eoltec, France — manufacturer of wind turbines from 6 kW to 250 kW

Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica

Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd.

General Electric, through its subsidiary GE Energy

The Green Company — Installers of small grid linked domestic wind turbines in the UK

Hansen Transmissions Int. — supplier of multi-MW wind turbine gear units

O’Connor Hush Energy — Australian supplier of small, quiet turbines

LM Glasfiber A/S — Rotor blades ranging from 13.4 to 61.5 m

Moventas Oy — Moventas provides leading mechanical power transmission technology to the energy and process industries

Natural Power — International wind energy consultancy services

NEG Micon — Merged with Vestas in 2004


Pauwels Trafo Belgium/Ireland[14] — Major Wind Turbine Generator Transformer Manufacturers

PB Power — Global Engineering Company servicing Power industry

REpower, Germany — wind turbines up to 5 MW

Selsam Innovations / Superturbine Inc. , California multi-rotor wind turbines http://www.selsam.com

Siemens Wind Power A/S (formerly Bonus Energy A/S)

Southwest Windpower

Suzlon Energy Ltd

Valmont Wind Energy, Inc. — modular tower systems for MW wind turbines.

Sustainable Living Projects — South African Micro Wind Turbine Consultancy

Vergnet — french manufacturer of wind turbines, 30 years of work for 5kW to 250 kW wind turbines

Vestas Wind Systems , Denmark — the worlds largest wind turbine producer — wind turbines up to 4.5 MW

Wind Harvest — Makers of straight bladed, vertical axis turbines

Wind Prospect — Independent wind energy developer in the UK and Australia

Windside — Wind Energy Solutions for Extreme Conditions

WinWinD Oy — Manufacture of 1 and 3 MW turbines based in Finland

Soytes Clean Energy And Electrotechnics Inc.

The Wikipedia article also provide some records for wind turbines

The world’s largest turbines are manufactured by the Northern German companies Enercon and REpower. The Enercon E112 delivers up to 6 MW, has an overall height of 186 m and a diameter of 114 m, the REpower 5M delivers up to 5 MW, has an overall height of 183 m and a diameter of 126 m.

The turbine closest to the north pole is a Nordex N-80 in Havoygalven near Hammerfest, Norway. The ones closest to the south pole are two Enercon E-30 on Antarctica, used to power the Australian Research Division’s Mawson Bay station.

The highest located turbine is at 2300 m on the mountain Gütsch near Andermatt, Switzerland. Originally a prototype of the Dutch company Lagerwey was tested there, however, it failed to meet the expectations and was demolished in 2002. Since October 2004 an Enercon E-40 produces electricity there.

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