Comprehensive Oilgae Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More »

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More »

Comprehensive Guide for Algae-based Carbon Capture

A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses Who Wish to get a Basic Understanding of the Business Opportunities and Industry Dynamics of the Algae-based CO2. More ››

Oilgae Digest

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to get a basic understanding of the algae fuel business and industry dynamics. More »

Oilgae Report Academic Edition

Oilgae Report Academic Edition - provides research insights on new methodologies, perspectives and experiments in algae biofuels; this report is customized for academic and industry researchers, and students. More »

The Health Benefits of Seaweed

The Health Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed Farming in Japan

seaweed farming in Japan

Seaweed Cultivation

Klirkom developed a TV series (still running) based on innovative ideas happening throughout Indonesia. This show introduces the public to Seaweed cultivation in Indonesia

Algae Photobioreactor Prototype at University of Florida

his video Dr.Sachin Gadekar and mechanical engineer Eric Layton adjusting a photobioreactor for algae growth. The photobioreactor is a recycled 5 gallon plastic water container. The light inside the photobioreactor was built by Eric Layton using available aquatic growth lights from Lowes (a home improvement store located in Gainesville, Florida).

Benchtop Algae Photobioreactor

This is a 2 gallon experimental algae photobioreactor built from 1/8 inch cast acrylic cut on a laser cutter here at Georgia Tech. The lighting is provided by a 14.8 watt LED array that irradiates the culture at 465nm and 650 nm,the absorbence band for photosystems I and II.

Alga Proliferator: A new photobioreactor

QI ZHONG LABS introduces its new photobioreactor, the Alga Proliferator.

A primary design factor for an efficient photobioreactor involves providing a means for algal cells to perform photosynthesis reactions, this requires exposing the algal cells in the culture to the optimal amount of visible light and a continuous supply of carbon dioxide to the algal cells.

MIT Algae Photobioreactor

An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university.

The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter.

Glass Tubular Photobioreactors for cultivation of algae

In an age of continuous advancement and great innovations, renewable raw material become more and more important. One of these materials is the Algae. We use them in food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, water recovery and medicine.

ASU Laboratory for Algae Research (LARB)

A descriptive video presentation that explains the processes and goals of Professors Milton Sommerfeld and Qiang Hu of the Laboratory for Algae Research. They are working to develop Algae as an energy source as well as food product.

Algae Research

SUNUP starts with research with algae that may take water used for industrial purposes and clean it for crop irrigation.