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Using Algae to Tackle Global Warming

It is well known that algae can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oil by the Photosynthesis process. They double up their body weight by transforming carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy.

In the urban areas we can set up small tanks with locally available algae in it and expose them to the atmosphere during the day time. The sunlight and the carbon dioxide can be effectively consumed and thereby helps in tackling global warming. If every home, apartment and the commercial buildings (hotels restaurants) comes forward to cultivate algae in a small way it is definitely beneficial. The algae can be harvested periodically and used for various purposes.

In fact all the hostels associated with the academic universities in India and other countries can use this idea to trap the carbon dioxide released through the chimneys associated with the canteen. A pipe that connects the chimney's outlet into a tank where the algae is cultured can be easily arranged. The motor to pump the CO2 to diffuse well enough in the water tank is easy enough to implement. All the software companies who have campuses of their own like Wipro, Polaris, Infosys and others can implement this to ensure that scavenging of CO2 is done. We can surely control global warming. These companies can earn some carbon credits.

Likewise in rural areas the chimneys in each home can be linked with a small water tank and algae can be grown. The carbon dioxide that comes through the chimney is lead into the water tank and dissolved. This way we ensure that the CO2 is not let out to the atmosphere. When wood isn't burnt the algae in the tank can absorb CO2 from air and doubles its body weight. The algae can be periodically removed and fed as food stock for animals.

In short, I am proposing CO2 harvesting along the same lines as rainwater harvesting.

It is everyone's responsibility to sequester carbon dioxide. This decentralised method will work and easy to implement. I am working on extending the idea in a different way and I am confident that that will turn out to be a very beneficial one.


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