Comprehensive Oilgae Report

A detailed report on all aspects of the algae fuel value chain, the Comprehensive Oilgae Report will be of immense help to those who are on the threshold of investing in algae biofuels. More ››

Algae-based Wastewater Treatment

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific and industrial fields, the Comprehensive Report for Wastewater Treatment Using Algae is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this important field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use. More ››

Oilgae Digest

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to get a basic understanding of the algae fuel business and industry dynamics. More ››

Oilgae Report Academic Edition

Oilgae Report Academic Edition - provides research insights on new methodologies, perspectives and experiments in algae biofuels; this report is customized for academic and industry researchers, and students. More ››

Dedicated to Providing World Class Research on Biofuels

Research Team

Our multi-disciplinary team has an excellent track record of providing ground breaking industry insights and intelligence to help you profit from the renewable energy revolution. We have developed a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base to advice our clients and keep them informed.

The following are the broad divisions of our team:

  • Biotechnologists - Biotechnologists in our team have backgrounds in microbiology, biotechnology and bioinformatics.
  • Energy industry professionals - Professionals have worked in the industry for many years and have intimate acquaintance with a wide range of biofuel projects.
  • Management consultants - Our consultants have had considerable experience in working out economic and technical feasibility models for many components of the biofuel industry value chain.
  • Industry researchers - Industry research team at Clixoo comprises individuals with economics and sciences backgrounds who are passionate about gaining an in-depth understanding of the renewable energy industry.

The Oilgae Research Team has specific expertise in the following:


The team comprises experts from biotechnology, alternative energy industry and energy / environment sciences and consultants. This rich combination of expertise enables us to provide productive assistance and support to our clients.

Our team has specific expertise in the latest technologies and process routes for biofuel production, and in second and third generation biofuel feedstocks.


In-depth understanding of all aspects of biofuels � market, technology, and processes.


Our team is constantly updated with the latest investments and entrepreneurial activities in biofuels domain in key geographies of the world

In addition to providing industry reports and custom research for renewable energy, the Clixoo team also contributes to the renewable energy and biofuels industry in the following ways:

Seminar and conference presentations - Our teams regularly present at national and international seminars and conferences. Our presentations usually focus on latest biofuels industry status and trends, and on the opportunities presented to entrepreneurs and businesses. Topics for our presentations span the entire spectrum of renewable energy, with second and third generation biofuels and India-specific renewable energy being in the top of the list.

Contribution to magazines - Our research team regularly contributes to leading renewable energy and sustainability industry magazines. In addition, opinions and interviews of our consultants and researchers are sought from leading publications and other public media.

Support for educational institutes and academia - Our team also assists students, researchers and educational institutions in their information requirements on renewable energy and biofuels. The team does this using a mix of face-face interactions, awareness seminars, classroom interactions, telephone and email.