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Algae - Food and Feed

Edible Sea-weeds 


Animal and Fish Feed

Algae-Useful Substances





Algae for Pollution Control

Other Novel Applications

Alternative Energy Status Report - NewNergy

Alternative Energy is the Biggest Business Revolution of Our Times

Whether you are an individual, small business or belonging to a large corporate, this is an exciting business and career opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Energy is the largest industry in the world. Estimates of the total market size of all sectors of the energy and related industries are about $ 7 trillion. The energy industry thus constitutes almost 13% of the total world GDP of $ 55 trillion (2007 data, source: CIA). A very large number of businesses - small scale and large scale - are present in this industry.

Snapshots of status and potential of each renewable energy

Solar PV15.2722.415.830
Solar Thermal0.46 (2007)6.4 (2012)0.22.262
Ethanol17.3 billion gallons33.9 billion gallons
Biodiesel5 billion gallon
14.4 billion gallons
Large hydro800945.82403315
Small Hydro50110*1438.516

Note: Future estimates is for 2015 unless mentioned

*Altprofits estimate

According to market studies, investment in renewable energy is growing at 45% a year – essentially doubling every two years. This exceptional investing growth rate is expected to continue – and increase even faster – for the foreseeable future.

New Investments in Sustainable Energy  ($ billions)



Renewable energy - where it started, how it was and where it is right now

Efforts into renewable energy on an industrial scale started in the early 70s, after the First Oil Shock. Significant investments took place in solar, wind and biofuels. However, the succeeding decades of low oil prices effectively slowed down the accelerated deployment of and investing in renewable sources. Since 2000, interest in renewable energy has picked up again, as it is becoming increasingly clear that the days of cheap oil are past, and that the use of fossil fuels could endanger our planet because of global warming and climate change.

The early efforts, while they were not continued, however resulted in some progress, which is benefitting us now. For instance, electricity from Solar PV cost many times more in 1980 ( about $2 per KWh) than it costs today (about 25 US cents per KWh). The same is the case with electricity costs from wind energy, which have dropped from 35 cents per KWh in 1980 to about 8 cents per KWh in 2009.

Currently, it is felt that we are reaching a tipping point where renewable energy sources will start becoming cost competitive with fossil fuel sources, especially when the costs of pollution from fossil fuels are factored in, using techniques such as a tax on CO2 produced.

Driven by government mandates and incentives

An additional factor is likely to change the trend of investments in renewable energy from being a mere trickle a few years back into a flood - governmental support. All across the world – in developed, developing and under-developed countries – the governments have released mandates and programmes that show exceptional support for renewable energy sources. These governments are expected to provide significant incentives to renewable energy developers in the form of tax breaks, grants, subsidies and more.

Early mover advantage

Many businessmen, who have heard about the growth of renewable energy sources, are asking themselves an important question: “Should I get into it now, or should I wait until the industry is more mature, with fewer business uncertainties before setting up a venture?” In order words, they are asking themselves if there is a strong business case to start off their efforts right away. It is our strong belief that businesses should indeed make a start in their renewable energy efforts at the earliest. Businesses could start off today by making small scale and affordable investments while they test the waters, and could later expand once they gain traction. Depending on the vision and core strengths of a particular business, these investments could either be directly in producing renewable sources of energy, or in providing support to this fast-growing industry. Whichever path a business wishes to take, it is important that it takes the first steps now. Early movers could have significant advantages in this sunrise industry, many segments of which promise to grow from small scale niches into large business opportunities.

How can individuals and entrepreneurs benefit from this dramatic opportunity?

Alternative energy presents attractive opportunities to a wide range of people, including investors and entrepreneurs.

Key players with a role to play in renewable energy industry include:

  1. Individuals
    • Individuals can benefit by investing in green energy stocks and funds. These are already doing well and investing in alternative energy could see even higher growth in the coming years.
    • Individuals can also consider shifting their careers to the alternative energy segment, which can provide them excellent future career prospects.
  2. Entrepreneurs: The alternative energy domain presents entrepreneurs with tremendous opportunities to invest in a small, medium or large scale.
    • Small Scale Investment Opportunities - Examples include:
      • Trading in renewable energy products
      • Supporting the renewable energy industry in her/his locality
    • Medium Scale Investment Opportunities - Example
      • Setting up manufacturing plants for components and accessories for the industry
      • Setting up manufacturing units for a range of energy related products
      • Setting up medium-scale energy (power or fuel) producing plants
    • Large Scale Investment Opportunities - Example
      • Setting up large-scale manufacturing plants for renewable energy industry parts and components
      • Setting up large-scale energy (power or fuel) producing plants
    • Opportunities in Related Fields
      • Entrepreneurs who are already in energy related field and looking forward to diversify their business into alternative energy can also benefit from this field.
  3. Consultants: Consultants and domain experts can benefit by serving the specialized information needs in the renewable energy business. Similar opportunities are available for companies and individuals specializing in market studies and market research.
  4. Contractors: Contractors are often needed for the construction phase of renewable energy projects for tasks such as building towers, installing and erecting turbines.
  5. Students: The emerging renewable energy sector is expected to create millions of jobs, making it an exciting career opportunity for students.
  6. Researchers: Renewable energy is still in early stages of growth and consequently it requires an enormous amount of research. Considerable research opportunities exist in most domains of alternative energy.

Presenting you the Alternative Profits Report

While there is a large amount of data and inputs available online and offline about the renewable energy industry, much of this data are in bits and pieces and they do not readily answer specific and practical questions that entrepreneurs who are just about to enter this industry have in mind. The objective of the Alternative Energy Profits Report is to demystify the renewable energy industry.

The report has been prepared after intensive research for over a year by a team of industry, scientific and market research experts. During the preparation, a large number of diverse data sources - both primary and secondary were used. These included interviews with experts and consultants, data from high-end consultants such as McKinsey, Accenture and CleanTech group, inputs from a number of seminars and conferences, white papers, industry and research journals, authentic data sources such as those from the US Department of Energy, and more were used.

The Alternative Profits Report provides you strategic advice and numerous case studies on the prominent and emerging alternative sources of energy. Going beyond just renewable energy, the report also provides critical insights on a range of related opportunities along the entire spectrum of sustainability.

This report will be immensely useful for entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals who are keen on  understanding the business case in renewable energy sources and devising an effective strategy for their entry into this exciting business segment.

Insights and intelligence, not just information

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in scientific, industrial and management fields, the Alternative Profits Report is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on how entrepreneurs and existing businesses can gain an entry into and benefit from the renewable energy and sustainability. It uses thousands of pieces of data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use.

What will you know after reading this report?
  • How can you personally and professionally benefit from this revolution?
  • How  have entrepreneurs been able to make a difference to the world while at the same time making profits?
  • How have small businesses become multi-billion dollar businesses within a decade by investing in alternative energy?
  • What are the business opportunities opening up in the larger area of sustainability and environmental protection?
  • How can you shift from working in your existing, standard industry into the industry of the future?
  • What immediate steps can you take so that you have made your first, productive moves in this direction?
  • Where should you look for advice and guidance for investing in alternative energy stocks?
The Alternative Profits Report provides precise insights and precise inputs for the following questions
  • How did the successful entrepreneurs succeed in this industry?
  • Does the alternative energy industry have attractive small business opportunities?
  • What are the current and future trends in alternative energy sources worldwide?
  • What are the segments in alternative energy and sustainability industries that have the most attractive business potential?
  • What are the trends and new developments in alternative energy technologies?
  • What are the investment trends and opportunities in alternative energy and sustainability industries?
  • What segments of the alternative energy industry are attractive for small scale investments?
  • What are the most significant problems or bottlenecks in alternative energy business?
  • What steps should an entrepreneur take should she/he be interested in exploring further?
Unique topics on which you will find insights in the report

Information, insights and market research data are provided on a number of emerging trends in alternative energy and sustainability, along with the business opportunities that they represent.

Solar Energy

Solar Photovoltaic

  • Amorphous thin film
  • CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenium)
  • CIS (Copper Indium Selenium)
  • Concentrating Photovoltaic
  • Concentrating solar thermal
  • Crystalline solar cells

Solar Thermal

  • Concentrating solar thermal
  • Dish/engine systems
  • Hybrid systems / integrated solar combined cycle
  • Linear fresnel
  • Parabolic trough collectors
  • Power towers
  • thermal collectors
Wind Energy
  • Airborne wind farm
  • Microgeneration wind turbines
  • Roof extractors
  • Roof-mounted wind turbines
Hydro Power
  • Hydro kinetic energy
  • Hydro turbines
  • Micro hydropower
  • Small hydropower
  • Algae fuel
  • Biomass Gasification
  • Ethanol from cellulose
  • Photobioreactors
Geothermal Energy
  • Enhanced geothermal
  • Geothermal heat pumps
Wave & Tidal Energy
  • Ocean thermal technology
  • Osmotic energy
  • Salinity gradient technology
  • Tidal turbine
Waste to Energy
  • Energy from human waste
  • Recycling
  • Small digesters
Fossil Fuels
  • Coal gasification
  • Coal to liquid
  • Compressed natural gas
  • Flywheels
  • Gas hydrates
  • Oil Shale
  • Tar Sands
  • Carbon trading
Energy Efficiency & Storage
  • Biobattery
  • Car pooling
  • Chemical storage mediums
  • Compact fluorescent light
  • Eco-friendly computing
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric trucks
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Green building certification
  • Green building materials
  • Green shipping
  • Hybrid motorcycles
  • Net metering
  • Retrofitting
  • Small scale gasifiers
  • Smart grid
  • Smart meters
  • Biocatalysts
  • Biofertilizers
  • Bioplastics & biopolymers
  • Desalination
  • Ecofriendly music
  • Green designer
  • Local-grown food
  • Low-carbon groceries
  • Mycoremediation
  • Sustainable clothing
  • Sustainable farming
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Sustainable furniture
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Urban farming
  • Wastewater treatment
Green Jobs
  • Construction managers
  • Due diligence consultants
  • Efficiency engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Engineering designers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Fabrication specialists
  • Finance managers & analysts
  • Geochemists
  • Green energy product specialist
  • Grid connectivity experts
  • Process engineers
  • Service engineers
  • Technicians
Insights into new opportunity in alternative energy and sustainability

In the report you will find

  • How hydro kinetic energy could lead to a resurgence in hydro energy worldwide
  • Why enhanced geothermal could make many more regions on earth have excellent potential for geothermal
  • How biomass gasification could lead to a disruption in the biofuel industry by overcoming the supply constraints and providing ease of process
  • How a tremendous market opportunity could be opening up for component manufacturers, and for scientists, in nuclear power stations, as nuclear energy makes a comeback in many countries worldwide.
  • How osmotic energy, a concept that involves generating energy from the difference in the salt concentration between seawater and river water, could be a potential source for clean power.
  • How net metering could be a win-win opportunity for individual renewable energy generators, with over 35 US states offer net metering in the US, and with countries such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland also beginning to have net metering.
  • How microbes can turn a wide range of waste products into fuel and other products, thereby creating new and highly profitable industries.
  • How opportunities like retrofitting buildings will not only lead to a massive increase in energy efficiency and lowering of CO2 emissions, but in the process also generate significant employment, small scale and large and business opportunities
  • Insights, tips, FAQ and expert perspectives & advice on how almost anyone with a degree can get an entry into the renewable energy industry
  • What renewable energy and clean technology sectors the venture capital companies are investing for short term, medium term and long term gains
  • How flywheels are keeping data centers up by becoming the new storage media.
  • How chemical media could become a more attractive business in future for storing energy.
  • How biopolymers and bioplastics, which currently have less than 1% market penetration, could end up as multi-billion dollar businesses in the near future
  • How a new crop of startups in the US are trying to find solution to capture enormous quantities of energy wasted every year.
  • How unique ideas such as mycoremediation, a specific type of bioremediation that uses fungus in mushroom to break down pollutants, could build profitable and environment-friendly industries.
  • How automobile companies could profit by new developing technologies such as hybrid technology, and fuelless cars that run by harnessing compressed air.
  • How companies are exploring unique concepts such as extracting water from air in order to supply drinking water for many parts of the world that lack access to clean water.
  • How unique technologies such as MHD (Magneto-HydroDynamics), where you drive a conductive fluid such as superheated plasma back and forth in a magnetic ring and derive energy out of the fluid, could make a comeback after having been forgotten for a generation.
  • How a new crop of technology companies could profit by developing innovative software that allow people to monitor and make changes in the energy used by home appliances etc., sometimes all these from a simple web browser.
  • How software giants such as SAP are trying to gain an entry into the massive market for technology solutions for the sustainable industry by offering applications such as the SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management that make sure that corporate sustainability policies are met.

A sample list of other business opportunities in industries related to alternative and renewable energy discussed in the report, are presented below:

Chemicals & Allied Products

  • With growing sustainable agricultural practices around the world, biofertilizers will see excellent growth in the next few years, and present small scale investment opportunities for a number of entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Butanediol (BDO), produced by genetically engineering the Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria can be used to synthesize a variety of plastics, rubber and synthetic fibers. This could open a huge market opportunity for researchers and scientific experts.
  • Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi play a key role in sustaining life by regulating carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients in the environment. These organisms are playing an increasingly significant role in our quest for renewable energy sources. As a result, environmental biotechnology is likely to become an important business in the near future.

Climate Change, Global Warming, CO2 Mitigation and Capture

  • With industries worldwide being forced to reduce CO2 emissions, CO2 capture and sequestration solutions present a strong business case and an opportunity that deserves serious attention.
  • The carbon trading market is about $50 billion currently (2009) and is likely to be much larger in future
  • Market studies suggest that the global cement industry can avoid up to 90% of emissions projected under a frozen technology scenario, through a more efficient use of cement and by increasing the amount of additives and substitutes. Large energy efficiency potentials have been found both to conserve thermal and electrical energy in the production process.

Crops & Agriculture

  • Bamboo is fast becoming alternative to wood and plastic and gaining the market of wood and plastic. This could result in booming small business opportunities around bamboo.
  • With 200 million people already making money from urban farming, its market is catching up fast from Mumbai to Montreal.

Ecology & Environment

  • Millions around the world are passionate about ecological restoration. Businesses that cater to this segment will be able to do enrich their localities while building a sustainable and profitable business.
  • Many companies around the world specialize in rainwater collection systems and countries like US, Australia and Germany made it compulsory.
  • With environmentalism's growing popularity, eco-education and eco-schools are interesting business opportunities that could have significant demand in future.

Electricity & Lighting

  • Cogeneration - which combines heat and power – already accounts for 9% worldwide power generation currently. There could be significant opportunities opening up in this segment as its contribution all set to rise much higher in future.
  • Significant business potential exists for small-scale gasifier systems appropriate for multitudes of village applications in tens of thousands of villages in developing countries.
  • Captive power plants for generating electricity could be a big business in developing countries that face a number of power cuts
  • Just as software beat hardware to become the key to computing, batteries could become the future of the automotive industry.

Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Any business that is eco friendly will have a huge future potential with around 63 million Americans classified as LOHAS, a particular market segment related to sustainable living.
  • Market research data suggest that ecotourism is the fastest-growing segment of the global tourism industry; this can be turned into a good business opportunity for local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Food & Drink

  • Demand for locally-grown food and produce is increasing. This trend is likely to result in significant benefits to local farmers and businesses that focus on products made from locally-grown produce.
  • Organic coffee has surged in popularity in US and Canada. This could be a profitable home made business opportunity to many.
  • Locally grown food and organic food could be an interesting small business opportunity., especially for those business exploring small scale investment avenues. Slow Food Movement, a movement that strongly combat fast food, has 85000 members worldwide

Metals & Materials

  • Significant opportunities exist for fuel cell-based products; platinum used in fuel cell could turn out to be in great demand in future.
  • Bolivia’s lithium carbonate resource deposit, which is the main raw material for making batteries, could make the country Saudi Arabia for batteries.


  • Every 100 kg of plastic replacing metal in a car saves 750 liter of fuel over the lifetime of a car. A large market is opening up for lightweight materials to be used in a variety of transportation.
  • Car-pooling service could be a profitable business in near future, with more and more people resorting to car pooling in order to save money.
  • According to the market research done by World Shipping Council, the equivalent of over 100 million 20 ft containers moves from port to port each year, each carrying about 24 tons. Solutions that provide energy efficiency avenues for this segment could be in significant demand in future.

Water & Allied Industries

  • The water filtration industry is already one of the most profitable and productive industries on the globe and many parts of developing world are becoming a potential market for this industry, providing a strong business case for companies in related industries to venture into this area.
  • 20 million Americans have wells, and most will be testing for water contaminants at least once a year. This presents an interesting business opportunity.
  • Some experts believe that water will be the next oil for the following 20 to 30 years, such will be its increase in value. Domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors depend on water and with rapid industrialization in many parts of the world, demand for water is rising significantly, while supply is becoming scarcer. As a result, significant investments in water have already begun. For instance, according to a recent economic survey, nations in the Middle East will need to invest an estimated $73 billion in water desalination plants during the next three decades in order to meet rising demand for domestic, industrial and agricultural water.

Waste to Energy

  • Need for hundreds of billions for waste water treatment in US will bring more business opportunities companies involved in this projects.
  • Business potential for recycled cartridges is exploding with over a billion inkjet cartridges being thrown every year.


  • There are approximately 50,000 geothermal heat pumps installed in the United States alone each year. These statistics indicate that increasing public demand for alternative energy systems has created small scale investment opportunities for the geothermal heating and cooling industry.
  • American oil shale resources could provide a huge profit making opportunities for the emerging oil shale industry.
  • The Gas (methane) hydrates identified are larger than all the world's oil, gas & coal combined, and companies that are successful in this field are likely to make it really big.

You can either be an observer of the alternative energy industry revolution
You can make your first move today so that you are part of the action tomorrow.
If you are asking “How do I start off in alternative energy?”... ....
the Alternative Profits Report is for You


Balanced opinion

Alternative Profits Report

The goal of the Alternative Profits Report is to assist individuals and entrepreneurs understand the business case for alternative energy and explore productive and relevant opportunities in this domain. It provides insights and strategic perspectives  based on primary research and secondary mar

ket studies. Written by professionals and experts who have been observing the industry for many years, the Alternative Profits Report will assist you to clearly distinguish hype from real opportunity.

The Alternative Profits Report is a must-read for those interested in alternative and renewable energy and the exciting business opportunities they present.


Price: $ 750
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List of Contents


Section I


Status and Trends in Alternative Energy Sources


1. Introduction to Alternative Energy and Sustainability Industries

1.1 Introduction to Alternative Energy Sources


2. Renewable Energy Sources – Status and Trends

2.1 Solar Energy

2.2 Solar Energy Potential

2.3 Technology

2.4 Status and Trends of Solar Industry 

2.4.1 Solar PV Status and Trends

2.4.2 Solar Thermal Status and Trends

2.5 Prominent Solar Power Projects & Companies

2.5.1 Solar Thermal Projects

2.5.2 Top Solar Energy Projects Worldwide – Operational & Proposed

2.6 Solar Energy Problems

2.7 Wind Energy

2.7.1 Introduction to Wind Energy   

2.7.2 Wind Energy Potential

2.7.3 Technology

2.7.4 Status and Trends in Wind Industry 

2.7.5 Wind Energy Projects & Companies

2.7.6 Wind Energy Problems

2.8 Biofuels

2.8.1 Introduction to the Biofuel Industry

2.8.2 Present and Future Potential for Biofuels

2.8.3 Biofuel Mandates, Initiatives and Incentives

2.8.4 Problems in Biofuels

2.9 Geothermal

2.9.1 Introduction to Geothermal Energy

2.9.2 Geothermal Potential

2.9.3 Geothermal Technology

2.9.4 Geothermal Industry – Status and Trends

2.9.5 Geothermal Energy Problems

2.10 Wave Energy

2.10.1 Introduction to Wave Energy

2.10.2 Wave Energy Potential

2.10.3 Technology

2.10.4 Wave Energy – Status and Trends

2.10.5 Wave Energy Organizations

2.10.6 Problems with Wave Power

2.11 Tidal Energy

2.11.1 Introduction to Tidal Energy

2.11.2 Tidal Energy Potential

2.11.3 Types of Tidal Energy Technology

2.11.4 Tidal Industry - Status and Trends

2.11.5 Problems Faced in Exploiting Tidal Energy

2.12 Hydro-energy

2.12.1 Introduction to Hydro-energy

2.12.2 Hydro-energy Potential

2.12.3 Hydro-energy Technology

2.12.4 Hydro Power Industry - Status and Trends

2.12.5 Prominent Hydro Power Projects

2.12.6 Problems with Hydro Power

2.13 Hydrogen Energy

2.13.1 Introduction to Hydrogen

2.13.2 Status of Hydrogen Energy Research

2.13.3 Problems with Hydrogen Energy

2.13.4 Investment in Hydrogen Energy

2.14 Status Summary of Alternative Energy Sources in the Top 10 Countries

2.15 Alternative Non-renewable Energy Sources

2.15.1 Oil Shale

2.15.2 Waste to Energy

2.15.3 Tar Sands

2.15.4 Nuclear Energy

2.15.5 Methane Gas Hydrates


3. Value Chain and Prominent Companies in the Alternative Energy Domain

3.1 Solar Energy

3.1.1 Solar PV value chain

3.1.2 Solar Thermal Value Chain

3.1.3 Solar Industry Suppliers & Companies

3.2 Wind Energy

3.2.1 Wind Energy Industry Value Chain

3.2.2 Wind Industry Suppliers

3.3 Biofuels

3.3.1 Biofuel Value Chain

3.3.2 Prominent Biofuel Companies

3.4 Geothermal Energy

3.4.1 Geothermal Energy Value Chain

3.4.2 Top Geothermal Energy Companies

3.5 Tidal Energy

3.5.1 Tidal Energy Value Chain

3.5.2 Prominent Companies in Tidal Energy

3.6 Wave Energy

3.6.1 Wave Energy Value Chain

3.6.2 Companies to Watch in the Developing Wave Energy Industry

3.6.3 Country-specific Wave Energy Companies

3.7 Hydro Energy

3.7.1 Hydroelectricity / Hydel energy value chain

3.7.2 Some Prominent Hydro-energy Companies Worldwide


Section 2


Case Studies and Business Opportunities in Alternative Energy and Sustainability Industries


4. Solar Energy Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

4.1. Solar Energy Case Studies

4.2 Solar Energy Business Opportunities


5. Wind Energy Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

5.1 Wind Energy Case Studies

5.2 Wind Energy Business Opportunities


6. Biofuels Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

6.1 Biofuels Case Studies                  

6.2 Biofuels Business Opportunities


7. Geothermal Energy  Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

7.1 Geothermal Energy Case Studies

7.2 Geothermal Energy Business Opportunities


8. Wave and Tidal Energy  Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

8.1 Wave Energy Case Studies

8.2 Wave Energy Business Opportunities

8.3 Tidal Energy Case Studies

8.4 Tidal Energy Business Opportunities


9. Hydro-energy  Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

9.1 Hydro Energy Case Studies

9.2 Hydro Energy Business Opportunities

10. Other Sustainabilility Industries   Businesses Opportunities and Case Studies

10.1 Case Studies

10.1.1 Energy Efficiency Case Studies

10.1.2 Environment and Sustainability Case Studies

10.1.3 Energy from Unusual Sources – Case Studies

10.1.4 Other Case Studies

10.2 Sustainability - New & Emerging Business Opportunities

10.3 Opportunities in Non-renewable Alternative Energy

10.3.1 Nuclear Energy

10.3.2 Waste to Energy

10.3.3.Tar Sands

10.3.4 Oil Shale

10.3.5 Gas Hydrates

10.4 Opportunities in Emerging Niches in Sustainability

10.5 Brief Updates and Factoids on Other Opportunities and Trends in Green and Alternative Energy Industry


11. Next Steps for an Entrepreneur Keen on Exploring the Alternative Energy Industry

11.1 Tips & Suggestions

11.2 Mistakes to be Avoided


12. Careers in Alternative Energy

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Alternative and Renewable Energy Jobs FAQ

12.3 Sample Career Paths in Alternative Energy

12.3.1 Careers in Wind Energy

12.3.2 Careers in Solar Energy

12.3.3 Renewable Energy Careers - General


Section 3


Alternative Energy Industry – Costs and Investments


13. Costs and Investments

13.1 Capital & Operational Expenses for Various Renewable Energy Sources

13.2 Renewable Energy Costs - Notes and Trends

13.3 Renewable Energy Investments

13.4 Investment Data Trends in Renewable Energy

13.4.1 Venture Capital Financing

13.4.2 Investments in Solar Energy

13.4.3 Investments in Wind Energy

13.4.4 Investments in Biofuels

13.4.5 Investments in Geothermal Energy

13.4.6 Investments in Wave Energy

13.4.7 Investments in Tidal Energy


14. Investing in Green Stocks

14.1 Guide for Green Investing

14.1.1 Global Alternative Energy Indexes

14.1.2 Other Guides for Green Investing

14.2 Some Perspectives on Alternative Energy Investing


Section 4




15.Useful Web Resources for an Entrepreneur – News, Guides, Message Boards, Blogs

15.1 News Sites

15.2 Blogs

15.3 Forums

15.4 Portals & Guides

16. Associations for Alternative Energy for the Top 10 Countries

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