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Energy Research Outsourcing @ Oilgae


While I run Oilgae as a (serious) hobby, I have built a small team with excellent knowledge on the trends and landscape of the alternative energy industry and products.


In the last few months, I have had quite a few enquiries requesting me to do research on specific areas of energy and alt energy, so I have now reconfigured my team to take up research on alternative energy for companies, organizations and individuals worldwide.


What types of research can we do?


  1. Data Collection / Aggregation – We have a tech team that has developed some useful in-house automated search technologies using which we are able to research and aggregate a whole range of online data for the energy industry. Data aggregation could be in the form of information aggregation, statistics collection
  2. News Aggregation – We can aggregate news items on the energy topics of your interest and send them to you on a regular basis.
  3. Data Collection on Energy Companies – Using online databases as well proprietary databases we have, plus our contacts in the energy industry, we can compile list of prospective energy companies for joint venture, investment, etc.
  4. Market Research & Intelligence – We can help you out in collection and analysis of a whole range of market intelligence for the domain of your interest.


Interested in checking out our services?


Send a note to Narsi Santhanam ( ) with brief inputs of your requirements, and we can discuss.


Many thanks for your interest, have a nice day.




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Alternative Energy


Alternative Renewable Energy > Geothermal, Hydro-power, Ocean Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy,

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Alternative Energy, Non-renewable > Alternative Fossil Fuels (Synfuel, Syngas), Nuclear Energy


Fossil Fuels


Coal, Natural Gas > Gas Hydrates; Oil > Oil from Tar Sands, Oil from Oil Shale; Coal to Oil


Perhaps you could also be interested in having a look at the NewNergy – What’s New in Energy section? This section provides inputs on the latest breakthroughs, inventions and progress in various fields of energy.




The main categories @ NewNergy – What’s new in energy? – Energy Industry Inventions & Breakthroughs
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