Chapter VI - Biodiesel from Algae

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Algae can be used to produce a variety of products which can be used as fuel. One such fuel is the Biodiesel. Biodiesel refers to any diesel-equivalent biofuel made from renewable biological materials such as vegetable oils or animal fats. While there are numerous interpretations being applied to the term biodiesel, strictly speaking, the term biodiesel usually refers to an ester, or oxygenate, made from the oil and alcohol. This chapter details the production of biodiesel from oil and the various steps involved in it.

List of Contents

  • Introduction to Biodiesel
  • Growth of Biodiesel
  • Biodiesel from Algae
  • Why Isn’t Algal Biodiesel Currently Produced on a Large-scale?
  • Oil Yields from Algae
  • Oil Extraction from Algae (change in index)
  • Converting Algae Oil into Biodiesel

Key Takeaways from the chapter

  1. Some of the prominent methods currently used for harvesting microalgae are filtration, centrifugation, flocculation and flotation.
  2. Harvesting microalgae is an expensive and energy intensive process and presents a key challenge, unique to the algae industry.
  3. While centrifugation and flocculation/flotation are expensive harvesting methods, both these are expected to have the most potential in future for harvesting microalgae.
  4. Methods suggested for efficient and cost effective harvesting are still in the research stage.

List of Tables

  1. Comparison of Biodiesel from Microalgal Oil and Diesel Fuel
  2. Percentage Dry Weight of Oil Content in Various Crops:
  3. Chemical Composition of Algae Expressed On a Dry Matter Basis (%))
  4. Biodiesel Yield in US Gallons per acre
  5. A Summary of Comparison of Oil and Biodiesel Yield from Main Energy Crops

List of Figures

  1. A Detailed Process of Biodiesel from Algae
  2. Lipid Accumulation Progress in Si-Deficient and Si-Replete Cultures.
  3. A Schematic Representation of Supercritical Fluid Extraction
  4. Transesterification Process

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