Chapter X - Other Energy Products – Syngas, Other Hydrocarbon Fuels, Energy from Combustion of Algae Biomass

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In addition to using algae to produce ethanol, methanol and biodiesel, it can also be used to produce other useful products. Syngas is one such important product, that is produced from algae and which is used to directly derive petroleum and petrochemical products, through various chemical processes and absorption methods, each individual component of syngas can be isolated and/or purified for other uses. This chapter gives information on the production of syngas and other fuel products from algae and its various uses.

List of Contents

  • Syngas and its Importance to Hydrocarbon Fuels
  • Production of Syngas
  • Products from Syngas
  • Syngas from Algae
  • Producing Other Hydrocarbon Fuels from Algae
  • Direct Combustion of the Algal Biomass to Produce Heat or Electricity
  • Trends in Thermochemical Technologies
  • Reference – Will the Future of Refineries be Biorefineries?
  • Examples of Bio-based Refinery Products
  • Reference – Catalytic Conversion

Key Takeaways from the chapter

  1. Syngas can be produced from algae just as it can be from most biomass.
  2. A range of hydrocarbon fuels can be derived from syngas. Possibilities exist for producing a range of hydrocarbon fuel and non-fuel products also through processes such as pyrolysis that result in bio-oil and hydrocarbon gases.
  3. Production of syngas from algae is still at research stage. Similarly, research is in its nascent stages regarding the different types of hydrocarbons fractions (other than diesel) that can be derived from algal biomass in an economically sustainable way.
  4. There have been few experimentations and research so far on using algae biomass – either with its oil or the de-oiled cake – as a feedstock for combustion to produce electricity or heat.Some US companies have started exploring the production of JP-8 aviation fuel as well as "green gasoline", using the syngas route.

List of Tables

  1. Gasification Reactions and their Reaction Enthalpy
  2. Various Fuel Routes Compare with Regard to Cost and Scalability.
  3. Survey Results: Gasification Operating Plant Statistics 2004 Vs. 2007
  4. Petroleum Products Produced from One Barrel of Oil Input to U.S. Refineries, 2007
  5. U.S. Refiner and Blender Net Production of Refined Petroleum Products in 2007 (Total = 6.57 Billion Barrels)

List of Figures

  1. Sources of Syngas and derived energy products
  2. The Chart of Complete Range of Products that can be derived from Syngas.
  3. Trends in Thermochemical Technologies
  4. Worldwide Growth in Gasification Technologies

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