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Health & Wellness is a big business wave worldwide.

Investing in the wellness business is an excellent business strategy, according to business strategy experts.

Algae-based nutraceuticals is a super attractive niche within the overall wellness business wave.


Algae are an excellent source of protein with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and trace elements. They contain high amounts of simple and complex carbohydrates which provide the body with a source of additional fuel. Owing to its above properties, algae are being widely used in nutraceuticals sector.The global algae based nutraceuticals market is estimated to be around $3 billion in 2019

The growing use of algae biomass for nutraceutical purposes is expected to provide an attractive revenue stream for algae producers. While nutraceutical content in the baseline algae strain is very small, current market values for these products are extremely high.

With increase in demand for algae based nutraceuticals in recent years, there is no comprehensive report that addresses all aspects of algae based nutraceuticals sector. Oilgae, the premier online resource for all information about algae, has hence brought out this report to assist all the professionals in the industry.

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Who will benefit from this report?

Entrepreneurs, industry professionals and nutraceutical companies keen on exploring and venturing into various algae based nutraceutical products will benefit from this report.

What is this report all about?

The report provides
  • Inputs on the brief manufacturing process of key algae based nutraceuticals
  • Latest updates on the current and future market potential of algae based nutraceuticals
  • Stakeholders with a list of major producers of algae based nutraceutical products and its current and emerging applications

Some questions answered in this report are:
  1. What are the nutraceutical products obtained from algae and their applications?
  2. What are the key stages in cultivation of microalgae for nutraceuticals production?
  3. What are the current and future market potential for algae based nutraceuticals?
  4. What are the manufacturing processes for key algae based nutraceutical products?
  5. Which are the prominent companies worldwide for algae nutraceuticals?
  6. How are the demand and supply scenarios and the market potential for the various algae nutraceuticals for key geographies - North America, Europe, Asia, South America & Africa?
  7. What are the key drivers and challenges for the growth of algae nutraceutical products worldwide, and for specific geographies?
  8. What are the latest research, innovations & partnerships in the algae nutraceutical domain?

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Algae nutraceuticals dealt with in this report:

Key takeaways from the report

What are the key algae nutraceutical products?
  • Algae, ranging from single-celled microalgae to large seaweeds, are the simplest and most abundant form of plant life.
  • A range of products can be obtained from algae - nutraceuticals, cosmetics and specialty chemicals are some of the most prominent categories.
  • Microalgae are predominantly used for the production of nutraceuticals and other dietary supplements.
  • Spirulina and Chlorella are the widely used algal sources for the production of Single Cell Protein (SCP)
How to cultivate and process algae nutraceuticals?
  • Algae cultivation includes three major processes - cultivation, dewatering/harvesting and drying.
  • Algae cultivation can be done both phototrophically and heterotrophically. Phototrophic cultivation is of two types - open pond and photobioreactor.
  • There are a number of Harvesting/dewatering techniques - some of the more well-known ones are centrifugation, sedimentation, flocculation, flotation and filtration, of which, centrifugation is the most commonly used harvesting technique for algal strains grown for high value products.
What is the current market status of algae nutraceuticals?
  • The global nutraceuticals market is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 8.3% between 2020 and 2027. The robust healthcare development demonstrated across emerging economies of the region and increasing disposable income of people will accelerate the nutraceuticals market in Asia Pacific.
  • Beta-carotene is a leading carotenoid globally, accounting for $460 million in 2019, with natural β-carotene (from algae) estimated at about 35% of the market. The growth in the total market is about 4.5% CAGR, and thus the market is expected to reach a size of about $650 million by 2027.
What are the current and emerging applications for algae nutraceuticals?
  • Algae nutraceutical products have many proven health benefits. Apart from nutritional supplement, they are also used in other industries like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, colorants and additives industries.
  • Natural astaxanthin is a dietary supplement with extremely powerful antioxidant benefits for human applications. It traps more free radicals than any other antioxidant.
  • Many end uses for algae nutraceuticals have emerged in recent years. For instance, in Jan 2018, The Algae Factory, a Dutch startup has launched a dark chocolate and spirulina bar.

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Why should you buy the report?

  • Business Oriented - It answers the most important questions that entrepreneurs, investors and businesses have before investing in algae nutraceuticals.
  • Focus - It provides exclusive insights and intelligence about the various nutraceutical products of algae, their production methods and end-uses
  • Written by Experts - It has been developed by Algae Industry Experts at Oilgae, the definitive and most-referenced resource for the algae industry.

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What is exclusive about this report?

There is no other comprehensive report available for algae nutraceuticals anywhere in the world.

Oilgae has been interacting with a number of algae industry participants for many years now. This list includes manufacturers and processors, algae cultivators, algae nutraceuticals users, economists, machinery suppliers and trade bodies. Using this collective intelligence and inputs gained over these years, Oilgae has prepared this comprehensive report.

List of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Algae Nutraceuticals - Introduction & Production+
Chapter 2 - Microalgae Cultivation & Processing+
Chapter 3 - Algae Nutraceuticals Market+
Chapter 4 - Algae Nutraceuticals - End Uses+
Chapter 5 - Prominent Algae Nutraceuticals Producers & Partnerships+

Chapter 1 - Algae Nutraceuticals - Introduction & Production

The Big Picture

  • Algae are omnipresent in our planet. They are one of the most useful organisms. A plethora of products can be obtained from algae.
  • With changing lifestyle and consumption habits of people all over the world, many people are exploring naturally occurring substances
  • This chapter introduces the various algae products that can be used as nutritional supplements, their composition and algae strains used for their production.
  • 1.1. Introduction to Algae
  • 1.2. Range of Products Obtained from Algae
  • 1.3. Algae Nutraceuticals - An Introduction
  • 1.4. Algae Nutraceuticals Production
    • 1.4.1. Commercial Algae Products
      • Single Cell Protein
        • 1. Spirulina
        • 2. Chlorella
      • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
        • 1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
      • Carotenoids
        • 1. Astaxanthin
        • 2. Beta Carotene
        • 3. Phycocyanin
        • 4. Fucoxanthin
    • 1.4.2 Other Algae Nutraceutical Products in Research Stage
      • 1.Lutein
      • 2. Zeaxanthin
      • 3. Lycopene
      • 4. Canthaxanthin
      • 5. Chlorophyll
  • 1.5 Summary of List of Algae Strains Used for Each Nutraceutical Product
  • 1.6 Value Chain Schematic Production of Nutraceutical Products from Algae Biomass
  • 1.7 Composition of Algae Nutraceuticals

Chapter 2 - Microalgae Cultivation & Processing

The Big Picture

  • In this chapter, we discuss the cultivation of microalgae and the various steps involved in cultivation.
  • Different technologies used for each step - cultivation, harvesting and drying, the pros and cons of each technique have been discussed in detail.
  • Cost components involved for each technology have also been provided.
  • 2.1 Processes and Equipment for the Three Main Stages of Microalgae Production
    • 2.1.1 Cultivation
    • 2.1.2 Dewatering
    • 2.1.3 Drying
  • 2.2 Summary of Prominent Algae Cultivation, Harvesting and Drying Techniques
  • 2.3 Cost Components for Microalgae Cultivation

Chapter 3 - Algae Nutraceuticals Market

The Big Picture

  • The algae nutraceutical industry has enormous potential for growth.
  • This chapter analyses the demand-supply for each nutraceutical supplement type along with their market sizes. Future estimates for the growth of these products and the drivers and challenges have also been discussed
  • We also discuss the geographical spread of the algae nutraceutical industry with specific focus on the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions.

  • 3.1. Algae Nutraceuticals Market
    • 3.1.1. Global Nutraceuticals Market - A Snapshot
  • 3.2. Market Segments, Strategic Drivers & Dimensions
    • 3.2.1. Regional Growth of Nutraceuticals
    • 3.2.2. Drivers for the Algae Nutraceuticals Market
    • 3.2.3. Opportunities for Nutraceuticals Companies
    • 3.2.4. Constraints for Algae Nutraceuticals
  • 3.3. Regional Analysis of Nutraceuticals Market in General
    • 3.3.1. United States
    • 3.3.2. Europe
    • 3.3.3. Asia Pacific
  • 3.4. Market Size Summary for Algae Nutraceuticals
    • 3.4.1. Algae Nutraceuticals Market - Summary
    • 3.4.2. Details of Demand & Supply for Algae Nutraceuticals
      • Spirulina Market
      • Chlorella Market
      • Omega-3 Market
      • Astaxanthin Market
      • Beta carotene Market
      • Fucoxanthin Market
      • Lutein Market
      • Zeaxanthin Market
      • Canthaxanthin Market
    • 3.4.3. Summary of Market Volume, Value and Regional Markets for Algae Nutraceuticals

Chapter 4 - Algae Nutraceuticals - End Uses

The Big Picture

  • The pharmacological effects of algae nutraceuticals have been heavily researched by the scientific community.
  • This chapter lists out some of the proven benefits of algae nutraceuticals.We also discuss some of the scientific breakthroughs that have led to new applications.
  • Finally, we take a look at some of the prominent universities that engage in cutting-edge research in algae biology.
  • 4.1 Current Applications for Algae Nutraceuticals
    • 4.1.1 Commercialized Products
      • Single Cell Protein
        • Spirulina
        • Chlorella
      • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
        • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA)
      • Carotenoids
        • Astaxanthin
        • Beta Carotene
        • Phycocyanin
        • Fucoxanthin
      • 4.1.2 Algae Products in Research Stage
      • Lutein
      • Zeaxanthin
      • Lycopene
      • Chlorophyll
      • Canthaxanthin
  • 4.2 Summary of Key End Uses for Algae Nutraceuticals
  • 4.3 Emerging End Uses for Algae Nutraceuticals
  • 4.4 Algae Nutraceuticals – Insights from Past & On-going Academic/Scientific Research

Chapter 5 - Prominent Algae Nutraceuticals Producers & Partnerships 

The Big Picture

  • This chapter discusses some of the prominent producers of algae nutraceuticals.
  • We look at their geographic locations, their main areas of business and their algae nutraceutical production.
  • Finally, we analyze some of the strategic partnerships that have resulted in successful algae ventures.

  • 5.1 Detailed Profiles of Prominent Suppliers Categorized by Geography
    • 5.1.1 North America
      • - Qualitas Health
      • - Valensa International
    • 5.1.2 Europe
      • - DSM
      • - AstaReal
    • 5.1.3 Middle East
      • - Algatechnologies
    • 5.1.4 Asia Pacific
      • - Parry Nutraceuticals
      • - Sun Chlorella
  • 5.2 List of Other Algae Nutraceutical Companies with Brief Profiles
  • 5.3 Prominent Partnerships

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