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Harvesting algae blooms from the open ocean - http://news.mongabay.com/bioenergy/2007/03/harvesting-algae-blooms-from-ocean.html
AlgoDyne announces that it has developed a new process to harvest significant amounts of biomass from marine algal blooms. Massive marine algal blooms occur in almost all oceans of the world, often caused by man-made nutrient pollution, and are known to be harmful to the aquatic ecosystem. AlgoDyne believes that its harvesting technology could yield huge amounts of biomass usable for ethanol production at virtually no cost, and this harvesting of harmful algal blooms will ultimately protect the ocean’s marine ecosystem.
Aquaflow - http://www.aquaflowgroup.com/technology.html
Aquaflow has been harvesting algae successfully from sewage ponds for almost two years now and has done so in every season, and even in winter air temperatures of below zero. There are many species of algae occurring naturally here, the advantage of this is that the populations rise and fall; as the environment changes and one species declines another takes its place. This makes the algae population more robust as the system is not prone to total loss if one more species competes for nutrition more successfully (a risk in culturing single algae species).
Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation - http://www.circlebio.com/
Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation develops technology and manufactures equipment for the biofuel industry. The company has developed algae biodiesel production and algae oil harvesting systems and equipment that properly function for growing algae and harvesting the algae in a very efficient manner for use in algae biofuels such as biodiesel from algae and algae ethanol
Evodos Algae Harvesting - http://www.evodos.eu/?id=2191&PHPSESSID=8ab47c35ad8087734e3706e3292e2f9d
Evodos is a Netherland-based company that delivers Algae Harvesting Machines to the market. Evodos Algae Technologies B.V. has tested their algae harvesting machines in the field with the algae type Nannochloropsis Graditana. Extensive field tests have proven that algae harvesting with the Evodos technology allows a positive energy balance. This is unique in the industry and paves the way for producing algae biodiesel at commercial scale
AlgaeVenture Systems - http://www.algaevs.com/
AlgaeVenture Systems headquartered at Ohio have the ideals of inventing and manufacturing more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The company is quickly developing a Rapid Algae Farming (RAF) System, which will serve as the platform for the creation of numerous products from algae, specifically biofuels and bioplastics
Bioneer Greenenergy - http://www.bioneerenergy.com/index.html
Bioneer Greenenergy is one of the eminent manufacturers and exporters of commercial algae photo bioreactor and commercial bio-diesel production plant. The Algae Harvest System is designed in line with international quality standard. With the breakthrough technology in algae harvesting, dewatering, and drying, they are able to produce a model of nature’s liquid moving strategies in organisms

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