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Nature gave us oil from algae; perhaps we should try Nature’s way again


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The Alternative Energy Revolution – A Status Report

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Australia Algae to Oil Companies, Organizations, Research


1. I am an electrical engineer and I am interested in putting together

small systems for people to be self sufficient in their energy needs by

growing and producing their own fuel via algae.


I am interested in talking to others in this area that would be similar

minded or would have some technology that I could use and would be

interested in working with them. Note I am not interested in the

millions of dollars approach as I do not have large capitol.


My goal here is not to make a handful of rich powerful people richer by

milking everyone else. I believe the best arrangement is for everyone to

be self sufficient in small systems and have enough to trade with

several others. That way we are all worth something.


At this stage I do not have a web site, just an email address.


Clem Grieger,







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Are you a research, inventor or equipment producer for fuel from algae, or part of a company that is involved in the algal fuel efforts? Please let me know. I’ve just about started compiling a directory of everyone and every organization involved in oil from algae. I think this will be very useful as productive connections can be made for research and commercialization between companies and individuals


I request you to send me a mail - . Please mention as much details as possible about your or your company’s involvement with algae fuel, and any web site you might have. Individuals and college students who are either pursuing this as a hobby or for your college/university courses may also kindly send their details. 


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