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Microbexpert - http://www.microbexpert.com
Microbexpert is a Comprehensive guide for microbiology, packed with lots of informative data readily usable by microbiologists around the world. Algae is one of very interesting section in our website.Our A-Z Algae section provides a very detailed description of all the Algal strains with an interesting web resource linked to it. Our news and blog section also features current hot topics about algae.
AlgaeLink - http://www.algaelink.com/
AlgaeLink NV is a Dutch Company that designs and manufactures algae growing equipment. Algaelink offers new solutions to algae drying techniques. The solar Dryer design focused mainly on overcoming the existing bottlenecks in the algae paste drying technique, which include the availability of a reliable and inexpensive energy supply, paying attention to the hygienic conditions of processing and consideration of the labor requirements
MingChyi Engineers and Constructors Ltd. - http://www.allproducts.com/construction/drying/01.html
MECL specialize in design, installation and construction of Drying System for food, pharmaceutical, biochemical and chemical industry etc., The Spray Dryers are designed according to the energy requirements, product quality parameters, space requirements and required drying times.They have test laboratory where your products can be tested prior to the design and engineering of production system.
MCD Technologies Inc - http://www.mcdtechnologiesinc.com/
MCD manufactures and sells industrial dehydrators and evaporators and accessories for use in the food processing, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Their drying equipment, evaporation equipment and their Contract Drying services feature innovative Refractance Window® heat transfer technology. Refractance Window® (RWTM) heat transfer technology provides the most efficient, cost effective drying and evaporating method in use today for production of superior quality dried and concentrated products.

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