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president - http://www.advancedcryogenicsltd.com
I am a major CO2 consultant to all biofuels and algae projects. The work is comprehensive, supported by over 30 years in the CO2 and cryogenic gas industries; with a specialty in stricly CO2. This included merchant, niche, and sequestration alternatives for the CO2 - plus all sources of CO2, as well as process, technologies, etc. Sam A. Rushing, 305 852 2597, www.carbondioxideoonsultants.com
Renewable Energy Energy Consultant - http://www.cdm-energy.com
CDM Energy is an Algae Biofuel company located in Santiago , Chile, searching for investor partners to create a Carbon Secuestration Algae Biofuel from a Thermoelectric Energy Company located in the north of Chile in the region of Atacama.
Solix Biofuels, Inc - http://www.solixbiofuels.com/
Solix Biofuels is a direct intellectual descendant of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program started in 1978 to explore ways to produce biodiesel from algae. The company is a developer of massively scalable photobioreactors for the production of biodiesel and other valuable bio-commodities from algae oil. Its closed photo-bioreactors allow fossil-fuel power plant exhaust to be captured through the growing system
BioCentric Energy Algae, LLC - http://www.biocentricenergy.com/
BioCentric Energy Algae LLC, a subsidiary of California-based BioCentric Energy Inc., is developing an algae oil project in the Guangdong Providence of China. Through a joint venture, BioCentric Energy will work with a coal-fired steel facility to implement its carbon dioxide reduction/algae growth solution for biodiesel production, and residue gasification process to produce electricity
Stellarwind Bio Energy, LLC - http://www.stellarwindbioenergy.com/
Stellarwind Bio Energy is committed to producing a high-quality, renewable, sustainable, and ecologically friendly secure domestic source of fuel oils from algae. The company acquires carbon-dioxide from any major greenhouse-gas producer such as power plants or manufacturing facilities using our RecyCO2TronTM. This CO2 is fed into the reactor which continuously grows and harvests the algae
SarTec Corporation - http://www.sartec.com/
SarTec Corporation was founded in 1983 and is located in Anoka, Minnesota, USA. The startup has gone from making about a gallon of biodiesel a day in what had been a conference room to making 100 gallons of biodiesel per day. Algae that capture carbon dioxide are used as a source of feedstock oil. SarTec has conducted research into using algae oils to supply the Mcgyan Process, a chemical process that could help develop a new type of biofuel
Infinifuel Biodiesel - http://www.infinifuel.com/
Infinifuel Biodiesel is dedicated to producing energy from a domestic agricultural source while being a responsible steward of our environment and natural resources. The company has partnered with some diverse industries that can use their byproducts in an environmentally sensitive and responsible way. Infinifuel is staging a biomass gasifier to begin the study of CO2 capture and sequestration using algae
MBD Energy Limited - http://www.mbdenergy.com/
MBD Energy is a leading solutions provider assisting with adoption of safe, commercially and environmentally sustainable Carbon Capture and Recycling (CCR). MBD Energy is able to offer a solution for capture and conversion of CO2 emissions for the sustainable production of high value commodities. The waste greenhouse gases are converted into algae. The algae harvested are then crushed to extract algae oil & algae meal
Carbon Capture Corporation - http://www.carbcc.com
Carbon Capture Corporation is one of the founding members of Algal Biofuels Consortium ("ABC"). ABC was created in 2008 under the leadership of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ABC aims at providing a formal structure for a public/private partnership focused on addressing the continuing challenges in developing scalable algal biofuels.
A2BE Carbon Capture - http://www.algaeatwork.com
The company was founded in 2007 with the guiding principle of taking on the challenge of commercializing technologies that could rebalance the carbon content of the atmosphere. The company's technology is putting algae to work to convert CO2 into biofuels, foods, and fertilizers to rebalance the carbon content of the atmosphere
Solena Group - http://www.solenagroup.com/technology.htm
Solena develops, builds, owns and operates renewable bio-energy plants worldwide. Using state of the art patented plasma technology and algae systems, Solena’s plants produce clean, reliable electricity, using no fossil fuels and no CO2 emissions. Solena’s NASA-based technology was designed specifically to produce renewable energy without fossil fuels. Using a plasma gasifier, Solena’s technology converts all forms of biomass into a synthetic gas (syngas). The syngas is then conditioned and fed into a gas turbine to produce electricity. Solena’s revolutionary sequestration program recycles CO2 and in the process produces biomass for a continual renewable source of fuel.
PhyCO2 - http://www.phyco2.us/
The HILED Photon Algae Photobioreactor (“APB”) of PHYCO2 LLC offers a unique solution to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing yields for biofuels feedstock. PhyCO2 has refined its HILED APB process to mimic algal growth in nature as well as improving the process through optimized distribution of only the specific electromagnetic energy (photon wavelengths) used in the photosynthesis process, without utilizing direct line of sight solar energy. Providing specific wavelengths of photon energy, for optimal photosynthesis, in addition to increasing available CO2 over a continuous 24-hour period allows for greater algal growth rates and increased CO2 capture/sequestration utilizing the anthropogenic CO2 gas emissions from greenhouse gas emitting facilities.
Ocean Technology & Environmental Consulting - http://www.oteconsulting.com
OTEC offers consulting and other services for everything relating to the marine environment. The kinds of services OTEC offers are algal bioreactors, converting harmful algal blooms into fuel, biofuels, CO2 sequestration etc. For algal bioreactors, their consultants will work with client companies to design a bioreactor system to fit their plants needs and to meet or exceed existing clean air standards. OTEC biologists and engineers have designed modular, self-contained algal bioreactors to sequester CO2 emissions from coal-burning power plants. Their design is scalable to any size plant at any location.

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