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Bio remediation.com - http://www.bioremediate.com/
Bioremediate.com, LLC specializes in providing microbial solutions to bioremediate eutrophied ponds and lakes, aquaculture facilities, wastewater facilities, storm water retention ponds, waste effluents and the bioremediation of hydrocarbons such as oil spills or for Underground Storage Tanks.
Remediation of Water and Upgrading Water Quality - http://www.aquaflowgroup.com/technology.html
The process of removing the algae from the ponds starts the process of cleaning the water, and we can take that process further - to creating reusable water. Cleaning polluted water becomes a major part of what Aquaflow can and does do.
Excellent progress has been made in the field of harvesting wild microalgae from the outflow of sewage ponds

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