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Nualgi For Wastewater Treatment Using Algae

What is Nualgi?

How does it work?

What are the key benefits?

Who will benefit tremendously from Nualgi?

What's the science behind Nualgi?

What are the success stories for Nualgi?

How do you start using Nualgi?

Nualgi Foliar spray

What is Nualgi?   Nualgi is an innovative product of the century which constitutes major micro nutrients required for accelerating the growth of diatoms. All one has to do is to is dissolve Nualgi in contaminated water. It has a silica base and consists of iron, magnesium, cobalt, boron, calcium, manganese, zinc, molybdenum etc that promotes the growth of diatoms and not any other form of algae. Addition of Nualgi shows effect within five minutes on dissolution in water like sewage water, fresh water, sea water, effluent water etc. It is the result of 10 years of research from 1994 to 2004 by Mr. Sampath Kumar and the product was launched in the market in 2005.

How does it work?   Nualgi consists of the micro nutrients that trigger the growth of diatoms in the water bodies. The growth of diatoms is due to the presence of silica base in Nualgi which is the major constituent of the diatom’s outer shell unlike in other algae which have cellulosic cell wall. Addition of one kilogram of Nualgi can remove 140 to 1400 kilogram of carbon from water and replenish it with oxygen by stimulating the growth of diatoms.

The bloom of diatoms in water after 3 hours up on adding Nualgi acts up on the organic wastes utilizing CO2 and converting to O2 for dissolving in water. Increase of O2 concentration in water facilitates the growth of aquatic species like zooplanktons, fishes etc.

Since addition of Nualgi shows bloom in diatoms that in turn are foods for the zooplanktons. The zooplanktons are eaten by small fishes. Then big fishes feed on the small fishes. Due to the addition of Nualgi, the food chain in water is restored. Using Nualgi once in a week helps maintaining the water for the survival of the aquatic species.

Fish kills in ponds, lakes etc are due to the decrease in O2 level. Minimum O2 in water should be 5 ppm. If it goes below that, the water body becomes unfit for the aquatic life forms. But by adding Nualgi, this situation can be reversed in about a week time with more dissolved oxygen available for the survival of life in water.

Nualgi facilitates the growth of diatoms and not any other algae. Other algae like blue green algae disrupt the ecosystem in water. The formation of Red Tides depletes the oxygen in water. But the addition of Nualgi triggers the bloom of diatoms but prevents the growth of other algae. 

What are the key benefits?

  • Growing Phytoplankton in the sea absorbs global carbon dioxide and reduces greenhouse effect thereby solving global warming problem.
  • Oxygen level in the water and atmosphere is increased due to the growth of phytoplankton which is essential for survival of other aquatic species.
  • Prevents the growth of toxic algae species called Red Tides in the sea.
  • It generates live food in aquaculture lakes and ponds to boost the growth of prawns and fishes.
  • It treats the sewage, polluted and effluent water by growing diatoms and reducing COD, BOD and color.
  • It brings lakes, ponds, rivers and other water bodies to life that is polluted by sewage and other pollutants and also those in a state of eutrophication.
  • It prevents the growth of waterweeds, water hyacinth, green algae and blue-green algae and other waste plants in lakes, ponds, rivers and other water bodies.
  • It prevents mass fish kill in lakes, ponds, rivers and other water bodies.
  • It prevents odor from the water bodies and fishes.
  • Boosts immunity and reduces the incidence of diseases in fishes and plants.
  • Low cost when compared to other water treatment methods.
  • It does not require electricity for treating polluted water.

Who will benefit tremendously from Nualgi?   With the use of Nualgi the whole world will be benefitted with cleaner water bodies, healthier fishes and prawns for food and hygienic crop food without pesticides. Every industry, government and private that dumps their wastes in the nearby lakes, ponds, rivers and other should take initiative towards protecting the nature by using Nualgi. Use of Nualgi in agriculture and aquaculture benefits the farmers to get better fish yield that are healthier and hygienic. All are benefitted not only by helping to maintain the ecosystem but also get monetary benefits.

With over 400 water dead zones in the world and the number is increasing each day. It is due to the decrease in the oxygen level in the water bodies due to the growth of waterweeds and other plants and also dumping wastes and sewage. Nualgi is the most economical way to solving these issues. One kilogram of Nualgi is sufficient for 4000 cubic meters (4 million liters) which costs around INR 500 per kg. Using Nualgi regularly for every week or two improves the water oxygen and sustainability of life in water. Total expense for maintaining a water body which contains 4000 cubic meters of water for a year would cost around INR 20,000. And if the water bodies are deficient in nitrates and phosphates, there will be additional costs. Other methods will cost around INR 200,000 for treating 4000 cubic meter of water. The cost is only for treating the water and there is also maintenance cost involved. But for treating and maintaining the water body of 4000 cubic meter costs around INR 20,000 per year.

When compared to other methods of water treatment methods which require electricity, using Nualgi does not require electricity for treating the water bodies as it initiates natural remediation. If electricity is not available the water treatment is not stopped in other methods of water treatment.

Using Nualgi improves the growth of fishes in water. Fishes that grow in water treated with Nualgi give higher yield. Higher yield means there are more fishes in water for fishing. With higher yield fishermen can make larger profit. Nualgi is safe to use in any water body as it does not contain any chemicals that can harm the aquatic species and the humans, who can consume the water and feed on the fishes.

Nualgi foliar spray gives plants the sufficient nutrition to plants preventing cholorosis. This improves the ability of converting CO2 to O2 and producing better yield. The growth of the plants is better than when using fertilizers and insecticides. Cost of using Nualgi Folia spray for an acre of crops for a year is about INR 1,000 while using fertilizers and pesticides will cost way more than this.

Regular use of Nualgi has increased the fish yield from 2 tons to 5 tons in Vengaihnakere Lake in Bengaluru which clearly shows that the profit has doubled for the fishermen as they can catch and sell more fish in the market at better price.

What’s the science behind Nualgi?   Nualgi constitutes of all the micro nutrients in the form of nano-particles. These are essential for the growth and development of diatoms in water bodies and effective growth of plants.

With silica as its base Nualgi is a supplement for the growth of diatoms which requires silica for growth, development and multiplication as silica forms the outer membrane of the diatoms unlike cellulosic membrane for other form of algae. This is the key reason due to which the growth of other algae is prevented due to the addition of Nualgi but accelerates the growth of diatoms. With the growth of diatoms while it uses the other nano-particles live Fe, Co, Mn, Mg, Ca etc from dissolved Nualgi, it absorbs CO2 and releases O2 thereby increasing the oxygen level in water.

Due to this the natural food chain in the water is restored wherein the diatoms are consumed by zooplankton, which are consumed by small fishes. These small fishes are fed by larger fishes. Fishes are consumed by humans and other animals. The water is also clean and available for irrigation of the nearby farms.

What are the success stories for Nualgi?   Nualgi has been tested and are still used in many water bodies to treat the organic contamination in the water bodies. One of the success stories is Vengaihnakere Lake in Bengaluru, India. Nualgi is used in this lake regularly for years now turned sewage water into a nice boating place, a tourist spot. The fish yield from the lake has increased from 2 tons to 5 tons. Due to constant use of Nualgi there is no odor and the color of the water is light green or golden brown. Nualgi use has increased the population of zooplanktons and thereby an increase in the population of fishes mainly Tilapia.

Second success story is Madivalla Lake in Bengaluru, India. In this lake the product is used only to prevent the fish kill. The lake is used only for fishing. The water color is dark green due to the presence of high population of zooplanktons.

Ulsoor Lake in Bengaluru, India being the only surviving lake is now subjected to the directing sea water. This lake spans 100 acres and is artificial built by Kempe Gowda II. Use of Nualgi on regular basis for treating the water has been effective. The lake is treated regularly using eight kilograms of Nualgi every week. The oxygen level in the lake has improved and the color of the lake is light green.

Ashok Leyland, Indian automobile manufacturers have used the product to prevent the fish kill in a pond which was due to the decrease in oxygen level which was the result of downpour in 2005. With the use of Nualgi, it was noticed that the oxygen level in water increased and the problem was solved.

Buddha Purnima Project Authority, in charge of Hussainsagar Lake in Hyderabad, India had ordered Nualgi in March 2011 to deal with the problem of fish kill in small ponds around Hussainsagar Lake. The problem in these ponds have been solved

How do you start using Nualgi?   Nualgi should be dissolved in water then added to water bodies and plants. The more diluted it is the better it is absorbed by the plants. Depending upon the extent of contamination the concentration of the product should be increased or decreased.

1.    Nualgi has to be taken in 60 Mesh net and dissolved in water. One kilogram of the product for 4000 cubic meter of water

2.    One kilogram of water should be dissolved in 100 liters of water in a tank and released in the lake. 100 grams of Nualgi should be dissolved in 200 liters of water and sprayed on the plants.

3.    For lakes, rivers etc the product could be added once in a week to get the best result. For crops the foliar spray should be used ones in 15 days.

4.    The efficiency of the product is increases with increased dilution.

5.    The test determining the quantity of the product required depends on the ultimate dissolved oxygen level required.

6.    One has to optimize quantity of Nualgi required for each water body.

Nualgi is available in three different packing to meet your requirement:

1.    One kilogram packing for aqua-farms, sewage treatment, Lake remediation and algae for bio-fuels

2.    200 ml bottle of Nualgi for aquarium

3.    Nualgi is also available in the form of Foliar Spray for crops for healthy growth and development

Nualgi Foliar spray is used in agriculture and horticulture. Plants obtain all their nutrients from the soil and if the soil is deficient of nutrients it affects the growth of plants and its productivity. Since Nualgi consists of essential micro nutrients like iron, cobalt, manganese silica etc, it is used as foliar spray on the plants to cure the disease in them due to nutrition deficiency.

Nualgi Foliar spray has been used in the banana plantation in Tumkur district, Karnataka, India. Nualgi was sprayed to one half of the banana plantation and the other half not sprayed. When the productivity and leaves of the banana trees were compared after two months, a significant difference in the color of the leaves was noticed and flowering. Leaves of the plants not sprayed with the product had yellow patches on the leaves but the leaves sprayed with Nualgi were green. The flowering was faster on the side that was sprayed with the product.

Potato plants in an area near Sakleshpur, Hassan district, Karnataka, India were sprayed with Nualgi and the plants flowered within two days of application.


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