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Coal oil - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Coal oil is a specific oil shale oil used for illuminating purposes. It is sometimes confused with kerosene or lamp oil, but coal oil was obtained from the destructive distillation of cannel coal, mineral wax, and bituminous shale, and hence called coal oil. A special type of coal known as cannel coal (classified also as terrestrial type of oil shale) is required to produce it.


$100 Oil = Liquid Coal =? -- The energy required to convert coal to liquid fuel doubles the amount of carbon dioxide released compared to fuels refined from oil. The discussions in Paris — and elsewhere — breezily circumvented the potential climate impact of large-scale fuel production this way by noting that the carbon dioxide could be captured, compressed, and buried.


Kerosene Coal Oil and the Shell Oil Company – Kerosene was also produced from coal. Coal was heated in a retort and among the condensates was kerosene. Called "coal oil" back then. I recall Gramma referring to the "coal oil" lamps she used for lighting in her not-yet-electrified southern Illinois farmhouse.


Coal-to-liquids, coal, oil - Money Week - Money Week article: Peak Oil is hitting headlines across the globe. But could coal replace oil as the world's source of liquid fuel?


Coal-To-Oil: America's Energy Solution? (SSL, RTK, SYNM) - A JP Morgan study says coal-to-oil conversion could replace OPEC's oil.


Coal-to-diesel Breakthrough Could Drastically Cut Oil Imports - Researchers have developed a practical way to convert carbon sources, such as coal to diesel fuel, that could significantly cut America's dependence on foreign oil. The breakthrough technology employs a pair of catalytic chemical reactions that operate in tandem, one of which captured the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. They have revamped the Fischer-Tropsch process to the point where, for the first time, it becomes commercially viable for coal conversion.


New breakthrough in coal to oil technology - plants that are able to produce 100,000 tons of oil will be built in China to obtain oil from coal liquefaction. Once the 100,000 ton project is completed, construction of the first commercial plant to derive oil from coal liquefaction, with an annual production capacity of 3m tons, will begin.


Coal-to-diesel breakthrough could drastically cut oil imports - Professor Alan Goldman and his Rutgers team in collaboration with researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a way to convert carbon sources, such as coal to diesel fuel. This important advance could significantly cut America's dependence on foreign oil – what President Bush called "an addiction" in his 2006 State of the Union address. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, our 286 billion tons of coal in the ground translate into energy reserves 40 times those of oil.


Coal-to-Diesel Breakthrough Could Cut Oil Imports - Goldman explained that the breakthrough technology employs a pair of catalytic chemical reactions that operate in tandem, one of which captured the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This dynamic chemical duo revamps the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process for generating synthetic petroleum substitutes, invented in 1920 but never developed to the point of becoming commercially viable for coal conversion.


Coal-to-diesel Breakthrough Could Drastically Cut Oil Imports - Diesel fuel produced in this way would have several advantages. Conventional diesel contains aromatics, that, when combusted produce particulates, but the diesel formed by the new catalysts does not include aromatics, so it burns much cleaner. This could lead to more vehicles using diesel engines, which are about 30 percent more efficient than gasoline engines.


Coal to Oil: Same System. Nothing New - A new coal-to-liquids (CTL) project in E’erduosi City, Inner Mongolia, is 95 per cent complete on the first production line. One of my students, from Inner Mongolia, knew right away where the project is located. She used such phrases as “China’s Kuwait” and “China’s Sea of Coal” to describe the region.


Coal Case Study - Coal is one of the worlds major energy sources providing in 2000 24.9% of the worlds primary energy requirements. This compares with oil at 40% and natural gas at 24.7% (BP Statistical Review June 2001)


Liquid Coal - Peak Oil News and Message Boards is a community and collaboration portal about energy-related topics.


InterMedia Outdoors Forums-Coal to Oil - intermedia outdoors best fishing hunting shooting florida sportsman sportfishing flyfishing guns&ammo guns ammunition bow shallow water angler


Turn coal into oil - I have found out that they have been able to turn coal into oil... does anyone know how i could personally do this?


Ministry revives coal to oil conversion plan — to review 2001 report on SA's Sasol plant - International crude oil prices touching $60 per barrel, the Government has pulled out an old report on converting coal into synthetic oil. The report was submitted to the Coal Ministry after an official delegation's visit to Sasol Mining Company in South Africa, which converts coal into crude oil


Coal to oil: A limited solution - Coal to oil: A limited solution-Swaminomics-Swaminathan A Aiyar-Columnists-Opinion-The Times of India


Green coal?  Process converts coal into diesel fuel - A two-step chemical process augments a method of making cleaner-burning alternative fuel from coal and other carbon sources by transforming some of its waste products into diesel fuel, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, report.


Process for the geoconversion of coal into oil - A process for the geoconversion of coal into oil comprising the steps of forming a coal slurry, injecting the coal slurry into a preselected oil well to provide an environment for the coal slurry having predetermined pressure conditions of approximately 1500 to 4500 lbs./in.2 and temperature conditions of approximately 200° to 300° F., converting the coal into oil as a result of the combined action of the heat and pressure upon the coal, and removing the resulting oil after sufficient time has elapsed for conversion of the coal into oil.


Coal To Oil Using 80 year old German Process - Coal to Oil using 80 year old German Process Tech News.


Rentech announces progress on Australian coal-to-diesel project - The project is a result of Rentech's previously announced Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GTL ENERGY LIMITED (GTL Energy), an unlisted public Australian corporation with headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia (Dennis L. Yakobson, president and CEO of Rentech, maintains a seat on the Board of Directors of GTL Energy.)


Some Thoughts on Coal to Diesel - Coal is the most carbon-intensive fuel. The more you burn, the worse for the climate — and making diesel out of coal generates almost twice as much total greenhouse gases as simply making diesel out of crude oil — unless you can find some way of capturing the carbon dioxide and storing it forever.


Clean Diesel from Coal - A novel catalytic method could let you fill up your tank with coal-derived diesel, cutting U.S. dependence on foreign oil.


New coal-to-diesel technology may be 'key to energy independence' - The faculty/staff newsletter for Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.


Article on diesel from coal - Chemists find more efficient coal-to-diesel conversion Last Updated Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:59:46 EDT CBC News U.S. scientists say they have found a way.


Coal to diesel - I read where the Germans did this during WWII. Converted coal into a diesel product.



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About Oilgae - Oilgae - Oil & Biodiesel from Algae has a focus on biodiesel production from algae while also discussing alternative energy in general. Algae present an exciting possibility as a feedstock for biodiesel, and when you realise that oil was originally formed from algae - among others - you think "Hey! Why not oil again from algae!"

To facilitate exploration of oil production from algae as well as exploration of other alternative energy avenues, Oilgae provides web links, directory, and related resources for algae-based biofuels / biodiesel along with inputs on new inventions, discoveries & breakthroughs in other alternative energy domains such as solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, geothermal, hydrogen & fuel cells, gravitational, geothemal, human-powered, ocean & wave / tidal energy. – Oil from Algae