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Micro-Algae In CARS Will Clean Up Tar Sands, Suck CO2, Make Biofuel

CARS, the humorous abbreviation for a Carbon Algae Recycling System, is being developed by the Alberta Research Council and nine other research corporations.

In CARS, exhaust CO2 from power plants is diverted from the exhaust gases and pumped into the tailing ponds, where micro-algae eat it all up, along with the heavy metals and leftover hydrocarbons. Result? algae that are harvested and turned into biofuels. From the press release:

“In essence, the goal of CARS is to fast-track Mother Nature’s own process of using plants to soak up greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere,” says John McDougall, vice-chairman for I-CAN from the Alberta Research Council. “Algae growth research isn’t new, but our goal is. Other algae projects are aimed at creating bio-fuels. The goal of CARS is to provide industry with a sustainable, affordable way to deal with their greenhouse gas emissions.”

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