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Altairnano Lithium Ion Battery Nanosafe a Breakthrough?

The Lightning GT, a 700 hp electric sports car can accelerate to sixty mph in four seconds. The news is not so much about the Lightning GT as it is about the batteries being used in the car. The claim is that the battery, a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) type called Nanosafe being developed by a company called Altairnano, is able to provide a useful operating range of 250 miles, a full recharge time of 10 minutes, and a useful life of 12-20 years through 15,000 charge/discharge cycles. If a battery can produce this kind of performance, and if large-scale production can enable the battery pack to be profitably sold at a few thousand dollars, mass adoption of electric vehicles cannot be far behind. That’s a game-changer that could end our addiction to oil.

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