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Plasma Process Converts Garbage into Clean Energy

Plasma process converts garbage into clean energy

February 23rd, 2007

With an eco-friendly technology called Plasma Gasification, one can produce clean energy which in turn powers the process, along with commercially useful byproducts.

Recently a company has developed this interesting device that can handle pretty much any type of waste put into it and turn it into a clean source of energy.

This process creates two byproducts; one is a synthetic gas composed mostly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide which can be converted into a clean fuel. The second byproduct is a form of vitrified glass that can be used as inert fill for construction in roads, building blocks or other uses.

The process produces enough synthetic gas to power the unit, as well as a surplus which could be sold directly or used to generate excess electricity, providing an additional source of revenue for the facility.

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