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Locate Biodiesel Near You! NearBio Biodiesel Locator Service

Locate Biodiesel Near You! NearBio Biodiesel Locator Service

29 November 2006, source: Biodiesel Report

It’s easy to run biodiesel when you’re driving in familair territory but what happens when you take an extended trip and you would rather not run a non-biofuel? NearBio is a free service to help you find biodiesel when your tank is getting low.

NearBio updates their database of biodiesel filling stations every day. You’ll get a list of stations near your location, driving instructions to find them and GPS coordinates, too.

Read the full report from Biodiesel Report


  In the beginning, there were algae,
but there was no oil Then, from algae came oil.
Now, the algae are still there, but oil is fast depleting
In future, there will be no oil, but there will still be algae  
So, doesn't it make sense to explore if we can again get oil from algae?
This is what we try to do at - explore the potential of getting oil from algae