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About the So-called Dangerous Chemicals in Biodiesel Production

About the So-called Dangerous Chemicals in Biodiesel Production

I keep hearing about some folks being a bit afraid of biodiesel production because they have heard that dangerous chemicals are used in its production. Is this really true?

Not much. If one were to say biodiesel production needs to be done in a safe manner, that is fine. But it is not the same as saying production is dangerous.

This is what the author of this post @ Triangle Biofuels says as well.

The author goes on provide details about the basic ingredients used to make biodiesel (vegetable oils / Animal Fats, an alcohol such as Methanol/Ethanol & a catalyst, such as Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide).

For those who wish to get a quick backgrounder on biodiesel production, a useful post to have a look at


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