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Am interested in starting a firm which makes diet supplements produced from algae,this is according to me is a starting step through which i later on enhance my firm to algal oil production.Please help with necessary suggestions,plans,layouts,budgets etc... - 9 years ago

Karnataka govt has already started this project by using biodiesel produced from Mahua seeds to run some of their local transport vehicles - 9 years ago

As sudden conversion of all diesel vehicles to biodiesel one is impossible,mainly because ,we dont have biodiesel pumps like petrol and diesel pumps, initiative should be taken in public transportation systems,atleast biodiesel pumps can be set up at bus stands. - 9 years ago

ALGAE TO BIODIESEL PATHWAY The conversion of algae to biodiesel requires the following procedures. %u2022 Selection of algal strains. %u2022 Growth of micro algae. %u2022 Harvesting of microalgae. %u2022 Extraction of oil from micro algae. %u2022 Conversion of algal oil to biodiesel. %u2022 Conversion of extract to useable forms. - 9 years ago

Our dear earth has only so much fossil oil. Folks continue debating just how much oil we really have left %u2013 some say there is enough oil only for the next 50 years, while the more optimistic of the lot point to oil shale and tar sands and think we have another 100 years before fossil oil becomes as scarce as common sense. Of course, this is a rather simplistic way of presenting the entire energy picture, but the gist of it is pretty much true. And, whichever argument one subscribes to, ther - 9 years ago

The instalment of a algal plant particularly in industrial areas at chennai,orissa, rajasthan have "water" as constraint. Raceway ponds is not a suitable option. - 9 years ago

Algal cultivation is much required in jharuguda dist in orissa. The dist has ard 32 industries all with high co2 emisssions, its becoming one of the hottest place in india with present temp ard 47 deg cel. - 9 years ago

Iam very much intrested in algal fuel as the process is co2 free(produced=consumed,carbon nuetral), now i want to know the possibility of reducing fluride content in air using algae. Is there any particular strain of algae which consumes high amount flurine as nutrient. - 9 years ago