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Culturing Solutions to Launch Algae Demonstration Plant in Florida 3

Culturing Solutions to Launch Algae Demonstration Plant in Florida

November 8, 2011

Tampa, Florida-based Culturing Solutions will host the grand opening of their algae to biofuel demonstration plant in New Port Richey, Florida on November 17th. The company, which produces algae to create a variety of products by using waste gases emitted by industrial facilities, will unveil their complete end-to-end lipid separation process fed by their Phyta-Platform Photobioreactors, which offer control over the inputs of photosynthetic reactions in microalgae. A digester that converts the algae into ethanol will also be onsite.

The Phyta-Platform tubular photobioreactor has a rigid frame able to withstand a 130 M.P.H. wind load. All construction is made of high grade 316 Stainless Steel and heavy-duty aluminum. The phototubes can be made from food grade Polycarbonate, PVC (with UV inhibitors for outdoor applications) or glass. All units come with an automated control panel, harvesting system, self-cleaning mechanism, tank, pump, five sensors (pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity, and Temperature), the platform, and full version software.

While this is Culturing Solutions’ first demonstration plant in Florida, their technologies are currently being used in Florida, Rhode Island, Australia, Romania, Hungary, and Russia. According to founder and CEO of Culturing Solutions, Dean Tsoupis, “Our goal is to maximize the production of algae for use as an alternative fuel source so that America can be less dependent on fossil fuels—now and into the future.”

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