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Algae Scale-up Bioreactors from BioVantage Resources, Inc.

Algae Scale-up Bioreactors from BioVantage Resources, Inc.
October 6, 2011

Bubble Columns
ioVantage Resources, Inc. has announced the availability of algae scale-up bioreactors to facilitate small-to-large volume production of phototrophic cultures.

Products come in three form factors: 8-30 liter bubble columns, 400-6000 liter tank-based bioreactors (or inoculation systems), and larger, made-to-order raceway ponds with integrated mixing. A variety of units can be combined to meet production requirements and to support culture maintenance. According to BioVantage, these commercial units have been designed with integrated intelligence to enable repeatable, reliable production of high quality algae, even at commercial scales.

Raceway Pond Bioreactors
BioVantage’s algae production system incorporates a low shear mixing strategy coupled with gas exchange to reduce the formation of biofilms, a highly regulated nutrient introduction mechanism to ensure optimal yield, and integrated sampling valves to easily dispense samples for analysis without the introduction of foreign contaminants. Highly-optimized, light-pipe technology is used to distribute illumination evenly throughout the volume for high-density growth, enabling more algae production within a smaller area.

Tank-based Bioreactors
BioVantage’s scalable capacity inoculation systems and raceways can be sized to provide substantially larger volumes. The systems’ modular designs comprise: up to ten, 200 and 600 Liter growing tanks or substantially larger raceways, one or more medium preparation systems and a system control center for data collection and automated, remote operation. The medium preparation system distributes a user-specified recipe of nutrients to the tanks or raceways to optimize growth and to attain sufficient mass transfer. Users have the ability to grow different organisms in individual tanks with independent conditions and medium formulas, and modulate pH via sensor monitoring and automated CO2 regulation. All units have been designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

For more information, contact: Kim Moss, Business Development, kmoss@biovantageresources.com, (303) 470-8000 x200

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