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A visual tour of the AlgaeTech Batamindo Algae Project under construction on
Batam Island, Indonesia. 7

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A visual tour of the AlgaeTech Batamindo Algae Project under construction on Batam Island, Indonesia.

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Sun September 18 2011 08:58:59 PM by Tomcatino 2946 views

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  • Emily wrote:
    Sat September 24 2011 06:05:21 AM

    Hi Tom,

    I was just wondering if there were any commercial algal strains being sold in Asia after reading this blog: http://goo.gl/X7wnd .

    Try checking out this article and can you let me know more about it.


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  • Meiqiong wrote:
    Mon November 05 2012 03:35:37 AM

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