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New Solutions Energy to Build 50,000 Gallon PBR Systems 2



NSE’s 2500 gallon and 400 gallon pbrsNSE’s 2500 gallon and 400 gallon pbrs installed outside of the Sustainable Technologies


Center at Santa Fe Community college.

New Solutions Energy to Build 50,000 Gallon PBR Systems

August 29, 2011, by Charles Hoy

New Solutions Energy Inc. (NSE) of Santa Fe, NM, has announced that it will have its 50,000+ gallon algae growing systems ready for operation in November of this year. Art Anderson, a co-founder of NSE, along with Luke Spangenburg, said that they have done extensive testing and modeling over the last two years and have worked through many engineering and design problems.

“We started with a 10 gallon PBR system and have built up from there,” says Anderson. “Our base first stage PBR is a 140 gallon system and we are currently inoculating and testing our 2500 gallon PBR system. We have gone through many cycles of building, tearing down, and rebuilding. The goal we are approaching is a simple, easy to use, all-weather, automated PBR system.”

“After several days of training, an algae farmer will be able to operate a NSE Algae PBR Modular System,” says Spangenburg. “No technician will be needed. We are quite excited about the progress we have made and are close to building our initial commercial-size system.”

NSE founders working on the 2500 gallon cultivation system

NSE founders working on the 2500 gallon cultivation system inside the SFCC Sustainable Technologies Center

Art and Luke have known each other for over thirty years and started thinking about how they might work together a few years ago. “That was at the time that Luke was studying in the Sustainable Technologies Department at the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) and had become fascinated by algae,” says Anderson.

“About two billion years ago algae transformed the atmosphere to one rich with oxygen,” Spangenburg says, “allowing a vast array of oxygen-breathing life to exist and evolve, while providing many of the new organisms with earth’s first food source.

That intense of a transformation based on algae could happen again today, he says. “Algae are a rich source of food, fuel and other valuable resources, from water treatment, to animal food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and bio-fuels.”

As his interest in algae grew, Luke mentioned to Art that he was keenly interested in the difference algae growing systems could make for the planet. “An easy-to-operate, all-weather, automated PBR modular system could bring algae growing to the small farmers and coops, local communities and tribes, not to mention the bigger players,” he said to Anderson.

So the two created some of their first PBR blueprints and realized that not only were they highly capable of building these systems, but they could make a serious business out of it.

NSE is working with the Santa Fe Community College at SFCC’s Sustainable Technologies Center, and is integrally involved in the Algae Workforce Development and Algae PBR Building and Assembling Training with SFCC.

Being able to develop their technology, display and test it at the college’s brand new Sustainable Technology Center has provided many benefits in giving NSE a high profile launching pad. It is a win-win, according to Dean Randy Grissom, who heads up the state-of-the-art green technologies training center. “Developing and creating new jobs in sustainable technologies is one of the main commitments of Santa Fe Community College,” he said.

For more information about NSE Algae PBR Systems, contact choy@diamondlakebd.com

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