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NAA Gears Up for PA Conference

NAA Gears Up for PA Conference

May 11, 2011

The National Algae Association has announced that Scott Fraser, Vice President of Operations for OriginOil, will add to the NAA’s continuing efforts to fast-track commercialization of algae production by discussing recent commercialization successes at the National Algae Association’s next event on May 19, 2011 at Bard Holding, in Fairless Hills, PA.

Scott will be joining representatives from NOAH, Solutions4CO2, Algae Venture Systems, Aztek Solutions, BARD-ABS (JV), Millipore, CBO Financial, Drexel University, University of New Hampshire, Novak Druce and  NAA’s newly created Algae Oil Specs Committee. The committee, comprised of Intertek, Bruker, Baker Hughes, SRS, AgriFuels LLC, University of Connecticut, Lone Star Community College and Santa Fe Community College, will provide an update on their progress in its mission to create standards for algae oil and its development of complete, accurate, current, and tested standard specifications and end-use fuel, chemical and USDA/FDA grade guidelines for use in the emerging industry. Fluid Imaging Technologies will also provide free on-site algae oil analyses throughout the day, which will end with a tour of BARD’s facilities.

“I am glad to see the number of relationships, JV’s and strategic alliances that have matured through these meetings,” said NAA Executive Director Barry Cohen. “The problem today is that there is not enough feedstock to test the existing technologies at commercial scale, let alone supply the biorefineries. My contacts at the biorefineries all said the same thing—they cannot secure enough feedstock to make their operations profitable. We need the efforts to be focused on feedstock production, not research, and we need to shift the emphasis to be on deployment, not development. Algae farms need to scale-up to meet the demand, and we need to do it now!”

For additional information, please contact: info@nationalalgaeassociation.com

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