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Inexpensive CO2 Generation

CO2 Generation
Ok for everyone that has reactors consisting of 300 gallons or less, here is a good way to produce plenty of CO2. I bought a 98cc gas engine, modified the exhaust so that the exhaust is captured and I use it to pump up bags made from plastic garbage bags. you run engine strictly on propane fuel, due to the exhaust consists of 2 components ( H2O & CO2 )

Use the large garbage bags and construct them together at the open ends by means of tape,glue, etc. You now have one bag around 5 ft. tall which will contain somewhere between 4 and 5 cubic feet of CO2.

I have 3 of these type bags in use and it takes about 15 minutes of engine run time to pump up all 3 bags. I run my bubblers ( 2 ea. ) aquarium type for around 4 and 1/2 hours, before they become depleted of gas / CO2.

You can construct and link together as many bags as necessary to meet your own requirements.

Note: The gas engine must be a 4 cycle and not a 2 cycle engine.

Sat August 27 2011 06:28:33 PM by Tnilc99