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Sumukhi's Notes

Take the Algae Fuel Challenge - Link - 10 years ago

Solazyme and Qantas collaborate for algae aviation fuel - Link - 11 years ago

Novel algae-based solution for CO2 capture and biomass production - Link - 11 years ago

Algae Biofuels - A little dose of REALITY - Link - 11 years ago

Bunge Ltd., major agribusiness and food company based in White Plains, N.Y., has joined the fourth round of venture capital for Solazyme - 11 years ago

A $12 billion investment into biofuels. Sadly, its not algae its biofuels from sugarcane :-(. - Link - 11 years ago

The accumulated market value of algae biofuels is estimated to be $271 million in 2010 and will grow to over $1.6 billion by 2015 - Link - 11 years ago

Another biofuel company has filed IPO - Gevo. Link - 11 years ago