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Nofima Seeks Funds from Potential Industries for Aquaculture Research Posted by Sumukhi on Mon July 19 2010 09:07:01 AM 3

Nofima Ingrediens (http://www.nofima.no/en ), a business oriented research group working in research and development for the aquaculture, fisheries and food industry in Norway seeks a letter of intent from potential industries to to contribute to the project proposal to the Norwegian Research Council on the use of alternatives to fish oil lipid sources for fish feeds.

They possess a long time experience on serving the research needs of raw material/feed/food/animal producing industries and have also high quality expertise on biological issues of fish. Through this project, they aim to extensively study pellet quality,fish performance and health.

They also plan to test oil of different sources and one of thier main interests is algal products with high levels of essential fatty acids. They have applied for funds from the Norwegian government and for such project they are eligible for 80% and seek potential industries to fund the rest (20%).

The contributions from the industry can also be in the form of raw material supply, tests, consultancy and participation in project meetings in addition to the direct financial contribution.

The project partners do have not really commit to anything before the project is funded (decision expected end of 2010) until the contract and consortium agreement is signed.

In these projects where the industry is financing partly the research costs the rights of the different companies for the exclusive use of the results for an agreed period of time are taken care of. For example we can agree to publish something only following agreement among all project partners and/or after lets say 1-2 years after the end of the project (4 years duration). The deadline for the application is 1st September.

What will be needed in the first place from the industrial partners will be a letter of intention to contribute to the project with the amounts mentioned in the proposal if the project gets funded by the Norwegian Council of Research. A contact person and some company details will also be needed.

Some of the questions the interested parties might have and their answers are outlined below:-

What are they intending to in their research and the expected results?

The research part of this planned proposal is the Investigation of the effects of alternative fish feeds oil sources on fish health, welfare and performance. As alternative oils will be considered mainly micro algal oil, possibly animal fats and/or hemp oil or flax oil. Specific effects that will be investigated are the effects of the aforementioned oils on: salmon Immunology, Digestion/enzymology, Histology (liver, intestine), Performance (growth, composition) and Fillet quality. Effects on pellet quality during extrusion and storage will also be considered.

Which are the industries that could benefit from this research?

The industries that will benefit are the raw material producers (algal oil producers as e.g. bio fuel production by-product, animal by-product industries, hemp oil producers) by the documentation of the performance of algal and plant oils as ingredients in Atlantic salmon feeds.

What is the total estimated investment required?

The total project budget can be up to 320,000 USD per year for up to 4 years. Provided that the proposal will be funded by the Norwegian Research Council (Aquaculture Programme: deadline 1st of September) public funding will be up to 100% of the total budget. The project can be co-funded by industrial partners and strengthening considerably the proposal, ideally by 20% (or 64,400 USD per year all industrial partners together). The consortium so far includes researchers from Nofima Marine, Nofima Ingredients (www.nofima.no) and the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research (www.hcmr.gr).

How much funding have they secured as of now?

The decision for funding will be available by the end of 2010 for the project to start running since 2011.

How much funding will they require from private investors like companies or industries?

As mentioned above priority is given to projects that produce results with clear interest from the industry. In this case the industrial partners (oil producers, fish feed producers) all together must fund 20% of the total project costs which in this case is up to max 64,400 USD per year for 4 years (total max 257,600 USD). This amount can be split among the partners in different proportions. The initial stage of this application does not commit the industries to fund the research. The companies are invited to take part in the proposal preparation (mostly realised by the research institutes: 10 page max proposal). A tentative budget will be created for the contributions of the different partners and the proposal will be submitted to the Norwegian Research Council by the 1st of September 2010 noon time.

The evaluation of the proposals will be finalised until the end of the same year. Provided that the proposal is granted with funding by the Norwegian Research Council the consortium, budget and proposal text is called to be finalised and consortium agreements are signed by all partners.

How does the industries / investors benefit from your research?

In projects where the industry is co-funding the research, the research results are reserved for exclusive use by the respective organisations for an agreed period of time, e.g. during the project duration 1 or 2 years after the end of the project, providing extra benefits to the project sponsors against their competitors.

The partners have also the possibility and are encouraged to patent project results maximising their benefits. In any case, oil producers will benefit by entering a sustainable industry which has the capacity to absorb considerable amounts of raw material and the fish feed producers will acquire necessary information on the potential of using alternative to fish oil lipid sources in salmon feeds.

For those interested please get in touch with

Ms. Katerina Kousoulaki
Kjerreidviken 16, N-5141 Fyllingsdalen, Norway
Tel: 47 55 501 276 Mob: 47 47 910 710
katerina.kousoulaki@nofima.no / www.nofima.no