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Conference on Algae Solutions and Investment Opportunities - Singapore, Oct 19-20 2010 Posted by Sumukhi on Thu September 23 2010 03:49:02 AM 6

The 3rd Algae World Asia conference conducted by the Centre for Management Technology (CMT) in October will run on the 19th and 20th at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.

This conference is designed to act as a catalyst to facilitate constructive exchanges among the Academic, Commercial and Investment community involved in algae sector, with agenda that highlights upcoming opportunities in Asia and spotlights successful Algae businesses.
The conference is expected to attract over 100 participants from  all around the globe. CMT invites other visitors and sponsors to attend this event.

The main themes of the conference are as follows:
  • Sharing of Practical Experiences in Algae Production
  • Value Proposition in Algae-based Carbon Capture
  • Value Proposition in Waste Water Treatment
  • Algae Technology Development in Asia Pacific
  • Current & future Development of Algae-Based Bioenergy

To accomplish the above themes, the event has got eminent speakers such as Dr.John R. Benemann and speakers from MBD Energy Ltd, Aurora Algae Pty Ltd, OriginOil, St. Marys Cement Inc  and many more.

The participants of this conference also include many algae producers, equipment suppliers, algae research institutes, financiers and investors, power plant operators and more from across the globe.

 Many companies involved in making high-value algae end -products and other algae- products will also be participating and presenting their technology during this mega event.

Should your firm be interested in joining as a visitor or sponsor, please get in touch with:

Ms. Sharmila,
Centre for Management Technology

Oilgae is a media partner for the event and will be assisting CMT in promoting this exciting event.

For all the algae enthusiasts www.cmtevents.com/main.aspx?ev=101038&pu=204187