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Algae fuels - A Dream Come True. Posted by Sumukhi on Mon April 05 2010 03:34:47 AM 1

A company working on algae fuels claims that it has cracked the code for commercializing algae jet fuel and they hope that it can be used soon;there is no need to wait for another fifteen-twenty years to see this happen.

The company is Solazyme, which is a leading renewable oil and bioproducts company. This company employs algal biotechnology techniques to produce clean fuels, chemicals,foods and health science products.

Technology: Growing algae in dark fermentation tanks is an innovative way of growing algae.Solazyme grows the strains in a dark vessel to produce fuels. By growing their algae in dark vessels, the company does not incur the energy costs of providing the algae artificial light.In short, Solazyme basically feed their algae sugar until they become plumpy enough to explode with oil .

This type of fermentation is referred to as Heterotropic fermnentation. This process requires a fraction of the amount of water as a PBR or open pond. These strains of algae also do not require C02 and this is accepted by the algae experts round the globe.

Two logistic hindrances to issue faced by algae biofuels have been overcome by this firm.

1. Photosynthetic algae commercialization.

2. The other is removing the water, which isn't an issue because the cultivation is done in dark vessels.

The company also strongly believes that the algae jet fuel will be a dream come true soon,though many of the algae scientists claim that algae have long-term prospects only and not much can be done in the near future.

Good luck to Solazyme!!!

See more - http://bit.ly/aGcENc

P.S: The company has not disclosed its extraction method, but they claim that the process will cost a few cents per gallon, which really sounds exciting.